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Be A Better Book Worm

I’m certainly no literati, but I read a good amount and I’m here to offer some tips on being a better bookworm.

I Hate Da Club

Earmuffs, Deadmau5. This place is so sad and I hate it. It’s a breeding ground of insecurity and side-glances, everyone twerking and strutting in such desperate ways that I feel openly uncomfortable watching the self-esteem issues fester so publicly…

An Open Letter To Bad Boys

You never text me back in any prompt or polite fashion (if at all). I never have to worry about interrupting my workday with a rapid-fire thumb conversation via smartphone. I’m never distracted while driving and I always sleep soundly given your blatant lack of response to the friendly things I say.

Death Of The Crazygirl

As a woman, there is nothing I resent more than being called “crazy.” The “slutty” card holds a close second due to obvious double standards, but to be deemed crazy connotes a sense of manic desperation that doesn’t look good on anyone and I HATE IT.

5 Ways GPS Systems Piss Me Off

Call me old-fashioned, but you will NEVER see me use a GPS “nav” (for all you technology-savvy folk). I think they do more harm than good and they eliminate the need for drivers to pay attention to surroundings and learn anything about their location. Here’s how deep my hatred runs.