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Be A Better Book Worm

I’m certainly no literati, but I read a good amount and Iโ€™m here to offer some tips on being a better bookworm.

I Hate Da Club

Earmuffs, Deadmau5. This place is so sad and I hate it. Itโ€™s a breeding ground of insecurity and side-glances, everyone twerking and strutting in such desperate ways that I feel openly uncomfortable watching the self-esteem issues fester so publicly…

An Open Letter To Bad Boys

You never text me back in any prompt or polite fashion (if at all). I never have to worry about interrupting my workday with a rapid-fire thumb conversation via smartphone. Iโ€™m never distracted while driving and I always sleep soundly given your blatant lack of response to the friendly things I say.

Death Of The Crazygirl

As a woman, there is nothing I resent more than being called โ€œcrazy.โ€ The โ€œsluttyโ€ card holds a close second due to obvious double standards, but to be deemed crazy connotes a sense of manic desperation that doesnโ€™t look good on anyone and I HATE IT.

5 Ways GPS Systems Piss Me Off

Call me old-fashioned, but you will NEVER see me use a GPS โ€œnavโ€ (for all you technology-savvy folk). I think they do more harm than good and they eliminate the need for drivers to pay attention to surroundings and learn anything about their location. Hereโ€™s how deep my hatred runs.