An Open Letter To My Unborn Daughter

To my unborn daughter:

What I want most for you in this life is for you to love yourself unconditionally, for all your flaws, mistakes, embarrassing moments, and shortcomings. You are not merely a work of art but a supreme masterpiece just the way you are in this very moment.

There will be people you will cross paths with in this world who will tell you otherwise and make you feel as empty and full of despair as they are. Do not let them. Instead, rise above the negativity and fear-mongering and do not capitulate. You have a voice, and a rather powerful one at that. Use it. Know that you are valued, you are important, and you matter. This belief system cannot come from anyone else, only from within yourself. Do not bother chasing after approval from others, for it is futile. I implore you to look at yourself in the mirror every day and tell yourself these three affirmations:

I am smart.

I am capable.

I am powerful.

When we first learn to love and accept ourselves, we free ourselves from the toxic mentality that we are inadequate, allowing us to take action, take chances, and challenge ourselves in ways we couldn’t before while we were held captive by self-doubt. How other people behave or respond to us is inconsequential and outside our locus of control. Know your worth and know that you, my dear, are enough. Do not spend your time manufacturing an edited version of yourself in order to be what other people want you to be. Be authentic and true to the woman God created you to be. If people don’t like it, move on. There are plenty of other people who will embrace your beautiful soul. Happiness is an inside job. If we love and accept all that we are and aren’t, this will radiate outwards, and we will find our ability to create our own happiness is rather magnificent and mystifying all at the same time.

Do not look to others to define you. Trust your instincts and judgments. No one in this world knows you better than you know yourself. Make this known and live by it. There will be instances in your life in which the simple fact that you are a woman will cause ignorant minds to devalue you, dismiss you, and make assumptions about your limitations. Do not fall prey to these intimidation tactics and narrow-minded philosophies. Challenge the status quo. Bring what you know to the table and fight back. You are an intelligent, strong, determined individual. Do not react but instead respond with courage, conviction, and integrity. Stay true to your values and let your heart be your guiding light.

You deserve equality, you deserve fairness, and you deserve a chance. Be wary of stooping down to distasteful and questionable levels of exacting revenge. Use your strength and wisdom to remain right and just in your rebuttals and clapbacks. These words of wisdom and pillars of advice will not promise a perfect or even near perfect life, as the journey is sure to be filled with roadblocks, setbacks, and troubled times. But what I can promise you is, sticking to these values and principles will give you something absolutely priceless: the freedom to be you and to live your life unapologetically as yourself.

Always remember that you have always been and always will be the keeper of your heart.

All of my love, forever and ever,

Your proud mom

Lover of words. Seeker of adventure. Wanter of all the animals.

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