50 Things To Do With Your Life Immediately Now That You’ve Graduated

CONGRATU-frickin’-LATIONS! You’ve completed approximately 16 years of school, and you’re done! Cue the confetti, balloons, and free celebratory meal (thanks to the mom and dad) for making it through 4+ years of next-to-no sleep. No more unnecessary homework; no more long nights cramming for a test; no more writing the same thing over and over again in a paper to hit the required word count; and no more having to sit in a mind-numbing lecture listening to a teacher spew information he’s included in his PowerPoint online. You’ve made it!

So, now what?


2. Take a nap.

3. Throw yourself a pizza party.

4. Make a budget for yourself.

5. Binge watch a lot of unnecessary stuff on Netflix.

6. Buy yourself a new outfit!

7. Find something you’re passionate about, and do it.

8. Have a picnic at the beach.

9. Apply for a fun internship you always wanted to apply for but never had the time!

10. Make some new friends.

11. Take a break from working.

12. Start making actual meals for yourself.

13. But also treat yourself to Taco Bell because you deserve it!

14. Take a road-trip around the United States!

15. Travel out of the country.

16. Try something you’ve always been too afraid to try!

17. Start going for walks every day.

18. Stay up late at night and go star-gazing.

19. Adopt a pet.

20. Listen to a new genre of music, and see how you like it!

21. Take your mom out for lunch.

22. Ride your bike down a new path.

23. Spin a globe and travel to the first place you point to.

24. Read a new book!

25. Read an old book.

26. Give one person a hug each day.

27. Take a girls or a guys trip somewhere.

28. Go on a hike.

29. Make a bucket list and start crossing things off of it!

30. Start writing in a journal.

31. Take a bunch of pictures of all your adventures.

32. And actually print those pictures out and make a photo album.

33. Redecorate one room of your house.

34. Dye your hair pink!

35. Start networking.

36. Treat yourself at least once a month.

37. Go to a drive-in movie theater.

38. Stop buying Starbucks and start making your own coffee.

39. Declutter your apartment, and give stuff you don’t want to the Salvation Army.

40. Start saving money.

41. Always be on the lookout for a fun and relevant job.

42. Say “yes” a lot more.

43. And say “no” when you really want to.

44. Be active.

45. Move somewhere you’ve always wanted to move.

46. Pay off your debt.

47. Learn a new language.

48. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

49. Go back to school!

50. Apply to a job that utilizes the skills you learned in college. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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