Why I Refuse To Waste My Youth By Growing Up

Noah Hinton
Noah Hinton

Too often in our lives we are pressured to grow up, stop acting like children, and start acting like adults. Too often we are guilt-ed into getting a job, starting a career, and “living our lives.”

But who’s to say we can’t live a life we’re proud of before this so-called adulthood? Who’s to say we can’t live out this wonderful period where we actually have time to relish in our youth?

I, for one, am not going to be bound by the path others have set up for me. I sure as heck am not going to stick to the ordinary set of events that are expected of me now that I’m a certain age.

I choose not to be another peg moved along with everyone else in this game of life.

I want to enjoy the time I have here. I want to enjoy my youth.

If I want to take a year off school and live on a beach somewhere, then I WILL! If I want to go to a park every day and do nothing but read a book, then I’LL DO IT! If I want to drive through McDonalds and end up elbows deep in a bag of french fries, then SO BE IT!

Life is too short to live for others, and it’s definitely way too short to waste your days always preparing for days to come.

I can’t even remember a time where people didn’t expect something from me. I can’t remember a time when anyone ever told me to simply bask in the warmth of the moment.

Everything I’ve ever been urged to do was to get ahead in some way or another – set myself up for my future. But when do I ever get a moment to enjoy my present?

It seems as though we are all on this conveyer belt, moving towards the same thing: school, work, and then a career. We are all doing one thing after another so that we can get to a destination someone else basically planned for us, and it’s completely ridiculous!

It’s almost as if we don’t know any other way to do anything! We are taught from a young age that if you finish high school you can go to college. And if you finish college you can get a good job. And if you get a good job you can support a family. And if you have a family you’ve made it. But why does this have to be my series of events? Why does it have to be yours?

I’m tired of moving along with everyone else down the same path to the same place. I want to actually live out and enjoy the days I have now instead of constantly working towards days ahead.

I want to eat more ice cream and lay in the sun. I want to wear my fanciest dress for no special occasion at all.

And above all, I want to enjoy the days as they come.

And I will. Because life is truly too short to miss an opportunity to enjoy your youth. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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