Even When You’re At Rock Bottom, God Is Still There

Alisa Anton
Alisa Anton

Why is it we wait until rock bottom to be saved? Living our lives waiting until our last breath to gasp for air seems unbearable and senseless, but we do it.

It always takes something gut-wrenching for me to finally fall to my knees and beg Jesus to hear me. It takes that last breath to try and get Him to listen to me. Help me. See me.

And it’s funny because I know He’s there. He’s always there. He’d been there all along. But I was just too busy to notice. Too caught up in my life and my drama and my everyday routine. Too caught up in the good of my life.

It always takes something bad for me to look up and talk to Him. And how awful is that?

The creator of the Universe. The painter who brushed the sky and the trees and the oceans. The designer of my life – the hard times and the good. The maker of you and me – He wants to talk to us. He wants to know us. He wants to hear about our day. He wants a relationship with us.

But I only call out to Him when I need something. I only call out to him when I’m in trouble and want His help and His guidance.

And guess what?

He always pulls through.

He’s always there for me in those desperate times where I feel like I need him the most. Because He loves me and He cares about me and He doesn’t want me to be sad or upset or hurt.

But I’m an awful friend. Daughter. Person.

I’m not there thanking Him in the good times. I’m not there praising Him when he deserves all the glory. I’m not there asking Him for help in the not-so-hard (but still tough) times because I think I can do it by myself. I’m not there talking to Him along my journey.

Sometimes I feel like my life is okay and I don’t need him all the time.

But I do. We all do.

It used to take something awful for me to cry out to God and ask for His help, but I don’t want to wait for that moment anymore.

I don’t want to go another day where I don’t tell Jesus that I love Him. I don’t want to go another day where I don’t thank God for everything He’s blessed me with. I don’t want to solely get down on my knees and pray when I’m sobbing and need His help. I don’t want to wait until rock bottom to be saved.

I want to be saved every day. I need to be saved every day.

We all need to stop waiting until the next awful moment to call out to God. We need Him in every moment in every day whether we think we do or not.

We need to thank Him and love Him and talk to Him, just as much as He wants to love us and talk to us and help us.

So why wait until that next moment where you’ve hit “rock bottom?” Why not talk to Him now? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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