If You’re Confused About Trump, Taxes, And Corporate Loopholes, Let Me Break It Down For You

Gage Skidmore
Gage Skidmore

Unless you’ve been obsessively binge-watching your way through all 8 seasons of Gilmore Girls in preparation for its upcoming revival, unable to get out of bed to wash your mangy, knotted hair let alone pay attention to the news or communicate with anyone outside of your space bubble (which consists solely of you, your bed, a tub of Cherry Garcia, Hot Cheetos, and your laptop), you’ve been drowning in politics.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, your ears have been susceptible to an enormous amount of Hillary Clinton did this, and Donald Trump did that; this election has been such a phenomenon it has engulfed everyone in its path whether you wanted it to or not.

People are complaining about their opposing party’s candidate in person, on Facebook, on Twitter, on Instagram, and even in their Tinder profiles! “If you’re voting for Hillary, swipe right.” “If you condone Trump’s xenophobic and sexist ways, swipe left.”


One thing I have recently noticed about all of the hoopla produced by news outlets and newspapers throughout the country is that there are barely any explanations. I find this extremely hard to believe, let alone understand, given the fact that both parties continually try to win over the youth vote – but if we don’t completely understand what’s going on, then how are we supposed to make a sound decision?!

The most talked about issue of this election has definitely been Donald Trump and how he’s evaded taxes for years – this is hardly ever explained in depth at all! Almost every day, the public is reminded that Trump has skipped out on his taxes in article after article. We hear why this is terrible for him and why it is great for Hillary, but the reason why he was even able to do this in the first place, corporate loopholes, is never described.

So, instead of having to aimlessly search Google, here’s the run-down on corporate loopholes: the first thing you need to know is, there are tons.

These loopholes benefit corporations in that they allow big companies to avoid having to pay taxes; and this is LAWFULLY DONE. Mind-blowing.

When a company gets sued, they can deduct the amount they were sued for from their taxes. Loophole.

Purchasing a company in a foreign country and adopting their lower corporate tax rate, also known as tax inversion? Loophole.

Deciding not to bring back to the States the money you make from abroad? Loophole.

I could go on and on about this, but what articles have yet to discuss in depth is Trump’s loophole.

Trump has blatantly admitted to using his losses in the past to dodge taxes. Loophole.

He has gone on the record about this and even went so far as laughingly proclaimed he’s “smart” for not paying taxes. This loophole he has so skillfully taken advantage of has allowed him to skip out on what so many of us have to have to deal with on a weekly basis.

While butt-loads of taxes are taken out of hard-working Americans’ checks week to week, Trump is proudly evading this duty because of a corporate loophole. Because of a way around the law.

These loopholes, which are so uncommonly explained in detail, are allowing multi-millionaires to skip out on paying taxes which more than half of the country is obligated to pay.

Everyone needs to know and understand how Trump, as well as other major corporations, has the ability to avoid doing something the common people – you and me – are required to do by by law.

So, we need to educate our future. We need to stop playing Pokémon Go. We need to stop binge-watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix. We need to stop solely getting our political information from reposted articles and memes on Facebook. We need to stop eating chips in our bed late at night (or maybe that’s just me). And we need to urge the news outlets we get our information from to actually give us the information we need to form opinions, because we are the future. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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