What Happens To A Woman When She Really Likes A Guy


When you really like a guy, you cant stop smiling. You may have heard that it takes more than ten facial muscles to form a smile, but it takes more energy than that to keep the smile off your face, because youre just too damn happy.

When you really like a guy, even though you dont know him very well, you feel like youve known him for your entire life. He makes you feel comfortable in your own skin, and despite not knowing what hockey team he cheers for, let alone what his middle name is or what he eats for breakfast, you trust him.

When you really like a guy, you want to involve him in everything. One hundred and fifty-seven likeson your Facebook status doesnt mean anything unless hes one of them, and when you discover a great new series on Netflix or execute the perfect grilled cheese sandwich, the number one person you want to gush to is him.

When you really like a guy, you have a whole playlist of songs that youve officially dedicated to him. Actually, every love song on Spotify makes you think of him. In fact, you might even make up some of your own.

When you really like a guy, that stupid checklist you made when you were sixteen simply doesnt matter. You dont care if hes not 6 foot 2 with washboard abs and piercing blue eyes. In fact, the guitar-playing, motorcycle-driving ideal in your head seems empty and plastic compared to the vibrant man youve met in real life.

When you really like a guy, you count down the days (and the hours) until you get to see him again. And when you do finally see him, that smile – which has become a permanent fixture on your face – glows even brighter, and you feel like all is right in the world.

When you really like a guy, your imagination jumps about a decade into the hypothetical future, and you have to restrain yourself from imagining what your kids would look like or how your name would sound with his.

When you really like a guy, two days of not seeing him feels like an eternity, and you nearly go insane. So you listen to all those songs you dedicated to him about twenty gazillion times, check your Facebook about the same number of times, and wish you had a time machine.

When you really like a guy, youre scared as hell, because relationships are messy and complicated, and youve been hurt before. But youre braver than you thought you were. And youve never felt so alive.

When you really like a guy, you know that it might work out and it might not. But regardless of what happens in the future, right now youre on Cloud Nine. And you never want to come down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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