A Comprehensive List of “Shit ___ Say” Videos That Need To Be Made

  • Shit Babies Say
  • Shit Dogs Say
  • Shit Guys Say to Mall Shopping with Their Girlfriends
  • Shit Drunk Girls Say to Other Drunk Girls
  • Shit Drunk Girls Say to Guys (In General)
  • Shit Upper Class White Girls Say to Middle Class White Girls
  • Shit Mall Kiosk Men Say
  • Shit Slytherins Say to Gryffindors
  • Shit Elitist Music Listeners Say to Top 40 Music Listeners
  • Shit the Jersey Shore Cast Says to Orphans
  • Shit Prius Owners Say
  • Shit Private School Students Say to Public School Students
  • Shit Retailers Say to Customer’s Returning Unwanted Purchases
  • Shit Ex-boyfriends Say to Girls Who Can’t Fight the Urge to Not Text Them Drunk Late One Night
  • Shit Peanut Butter Says to Jelly
  • Shit People Say to People
  • Shit Peeta Says to Gale
  • Shit Creditors Say to Debtors
  • Shit People Say to Other People on their Birthdays on Facebook
  • Shit Courtney Stodden Says to Who the Hell Cares
  • Shit Judy Blume Says to Teenage Girls
  • Shit Real Life Says to Twi-hards
  • Shit American Spirit Smokers Say
  • Shit Vladimir Putin Says
  • Shit Blonde Girls Say
  • Shit Blonde Girls with Blue Eyes Say
  • Shit Blonde Girls with Blue Eyes who are 5’6” Say
  • Shit Blonde Girls with Blue Eyes who are 5’6” and Own a Pomeranian Say
  • Shit Blonde Girls with Blue Eyes who are 5’6” and Own a Pomeranian and Drive a Mini Cooper Say
  • Shit Brunettes say to Blonde Girls with Blue Eyes who are 5’6 and Own a Pomeranian and Drive a Mini Cooper
  • Shit Ryan Gosling’s Body Says to Ryan Gosling
  • Shit Jay-Z Says When Planking on his Millions
  • Shit Bills Say to my Bank Account
  • Shit Kanye West Says to an Ice Sculpture of Kanye West
  • Shit the Chicken Says to the Egg
  • Shit Drunk Guys Say to get Drunk Girls in Bed
  • Shit NBC Says to Having Community Return
  • Shit Hairstylists Say
  • Shit Avon People Say to Mary Kay People
  • Shit Bitter People Who Secretly Want to Be Engaged Say to People Who Get Engaged
  • Shit Local Coffee Shop Employees Say to Starbucks
  • Shit Aaron Burr said to Alexander Hamilton
  • Shit Blue Ivy Carter Says
  • Shit Your Expectations Says to My Performance
  • Shit Loving, Kind Mothers Say
  • Shit Distant, Cold Fathers Say (Occasionally)
  • Shit the ‘Book was Better than the Movie’ People Say to the ‘Movie was Better than the Book’ People
  • Shit LOST people Say to the last episode of LOST
  • Shit Queen Elizabeth Says
  • Shit Jesus Says to the Pharisees
  • Shit The Men Who Wear Jeans at the Gym Say
  • Shit Nicolas Cage Says to Any Movie Pitch
  • Shit the Twitter Bird Says to The Fail Whale
  • Shit Your Mom Says
  • Shit East Coast Says to the West Coast
  • Shit Juice Cleansers Say
  • Shit Nicki Minaj Says to Her Mirror Face
  • Shit a Can Opener Says
  • Shit Rosie O’Donnell Says about The View
  • Shit Airport Cops Say
  • Shit Gluten-Free Says to Wheat Flour
  • Shit Internet Commenters Say
  • Shit Anonymous Internet Commenters Say
  • Shit Satan Says to Tim Tebow
  • Shit Shit Says to Shit TC mark


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  • Waicool

    list catalog

    • Anonymous

      Boom goes the dynamite

      • yesh

        you have the best name ever

  • jess


  • Blue Ivy

    Shit Blue Ivy Carter says. Quite possibly the best on this list.

  • margot

    shit thought catalogers say to comments on their “articles”. and hipsters.

  • CAS

    You had me at Shit Peeta says to Gale. 

    I love you.

  • HEY

    Shit Butts Say

    • yesh

      I was waiting for this one

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000564971940 Ian Richard Jones

    Psycho shit emotionally unstable girls threaten boys with what they’ll do “If they leave.”

    Obvious bullshit boys say to girls to make them feel good about themselves + sleep with them.
    Shit my mom says when we drink too many beers.

  • Alison

    You had me at Aaron Burr.

  • Squid


  • Alice

    You had me at Peeta.

  • ugly

    shit people on bad acid trips say

  • http://www.farnoul.com Farnoul

    Shit people say at interviews. 

  • Beavis

    Shit Beavis and Butthead say. 

  • Sdfs_sdas

    you had me at the last one

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Peri-Quintard/607971448 Peri Quintard

    this is epic… was thinking… shit employees say to their bosses and shit employees say about their bosses. 

  • mrdavis

    Only had to skim this list to think “a girl wrote this.” *scrolls up to author name.* yup!

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