10 Questions I Have For People Who Are Instagram Famous

Paolo Cipriani
Paolo Cipriani

1. How did you get so famous?

A genuine question. How did your Instagram go from happy Valencia filtered photos to perfectly candid and framed artworks worthy of 6000 likes?

2. When did you know that you had gotten to the point that you could put your email in your Instagram bio?

Seriously. That is fame to me. Slash do you ever get weird spam emails from random followers/fans who know you will check that email address.

3. What would happen if you turned your push notifications on?

And I’m talking straight after uploading a 10/10 selfie. Would it just mean the end for your phone? Surely it couldn’t survive.

4. Does your family know you lead this famous double life and are in essence Hannah Montana?

Do you ever get someone coming up to you in the street? Then you have to explain to whomever you’re with that they’re just someone who follows you on Instagram. Weird.

5. What’s it like getting stuff for free?

And not in the won a competition kind of way. In the way where a company seeks you out to give you something for free and all you have to do is post a photo of it? That’s essentially what dreams are made of

6. Who takes your photos?

The ones of you posing in front of a wall with six different brands tagged? Who takes them? Surely not a passer by with an exceptional talent in taking candid photos. Do you hire a photographer?

7. Do you have a job?

Is Instagram your full time gig? Or are you like the rest of us- slumming it at a 9-5 with an Instagram account on the side. Yours may have more followers than mine, but are we cut from the same cloth?

8. How much thought do you put into your Instagrams?

How do you pick what to post? Are you cut throat when it comes to what appears on your feed? Seven photos of my dog in a row suggest that I am not – but what about you?

9. What would you do if your account got deleted? God forbid. But would that be the end? Could you live without Instagram? Or would you be making a new account before anyone realized you were gone?


How did you know that you’d made it? When was the moment that you were like dayom, I’m Instagram famous. Is it everything you’d hoped it would be? Let me know. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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