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Anatomy Of A Chronic Over-Thinker

Over-thinkers are often the cause of their own problems. It is not above an over-thinker to worry and stress about something to the point where they cause themselves to get sick. In many cases, over-thinkers will pick and pull at an opportunity until they eventually ruin it, blowing it for themselves.

How Do You Redefine Yourself After Someone Leaves?

You have to pick those pieces up eventually, because the longer you leave them on the ground, the more time they have to disintegrate, and soon, they’ll stop looking they way they used to. You have to glue yourself together again, because if you don’t, soon you won’t recognize who you are anymore.

It’s Called Your First Love For A Reason

It's Called Your First Love For A Reason

But first love is not only love. It’s not the best love, or the last love. First love is first, and it’s wonderful and amazing and new, but first is not synonymous with forever. And first is definitely not connected, whatsoever, to final.

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