Here Is The Voice Of An ENFP


I am an ENFP.

I have the ability to look at a situation from many different standpoints. I can see everyone’s side in an argument, whether I want to admit that or not.

I have an energetic and compulsive personality that you’ll either love, learn to love, or despise. I know that sometimes I go a little overboard with my upbeat personality, but I swear I can’t help myself.

I am constantly thinking abstractly about life and who I am; which will come as a huge surprise to many. If you are not close to me, you will only see me as that loud, goofy girl who is always making a scene. But inside I am just burning to make a connection with you. I want to hear about how your day has been, what you’re struggling with, and how I can help you.

I live for human connection.

I urge for people to open up to me. Anyone and everyone. I want every single person to be heard. I know it’s much more difficult for some people to stay in touch with their emotions. However, I also know that I am a great listener when you need me. I will listen to you for hours. I will be patient. I will ask you those questions that you don’t want to think about so that I can learn more about you.

I will help you. Whether you want me to or not; there is no escaping my love. I will check in with you. I might overstep my boundaries at times, but I am doing this because I worry.

I worry about you, and I worry about everyone. I know I can be sassy and outspoken at times, but I never want to hurt you. There is an infinite guilt that eats me away when I feel I have done so. I always wonder if you are okay. Is something worse going on in your head that I don’t know about? I will grasp on to that idea for eternity.

I will mess up. Badly. I am extremely spontaneous- which makes me eternally unreliable. I am ditsy and unorganized and you might think that it’s simply because I don’t care- it’s not. It is because there are always millions of thoughts rushing through me. I have to pick out the important ones to grasp onto.

I am extremely confident with who I am. I am set in stone with my beliefs and values. I see beauty in everyone, but I can’t let that distract me. I need time to reflect on who I am so that I don’t lose myself helping and worrying about everyone else. I am a crazy, energetic, loving, charismatic, goofy, and personable ENFP. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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