7 Things Customers Do That Get Retail Employees Really Mad

First things first, that smile you are greeted with when you walk into a store, is completely forced. Why? Because as I stand at the front of the store greeting customers, (even though I’m actually standing there to make sure people don’t steal), I already hate you because I know you are about to walk around, touch everything I just fixed, try on five things, leave them on the ground in the fitting room, and then leave.
I’ve worked in retail for five years now and I have been a manager, a sales associate, and a stylist. I’ve dealt with every customer imaginable which gives me the complete right to judge and question the human race and their low level of common sense.

1. When a customer calls the store to see if we have a certain style. When a customer calls and says, “Hi I was wondering if you guys had that top with the red flowers on it? I saw it online.” In my head I’m thinking this person can’t possibly think I have an inventory list in my head of all of the 100,000 products we sell. I say hold on a moment, wait 30 seconds while I continue what I’m doing and then pick up the phone and tell them I don’t have it. Get off your lazy ass and come look yourself.

2. When a customer tries on the same top in five colors. I’m just getting annoyed that you keep making me get you the top in every color because I known I’ll end up putting 4 of 5 of those tops back, if not all. I’m sorry I have more important things to do. I’ll also tell you to get whatever color looks the worst on you.

3. When a customer destroys a pile of shirts looking for their size. First of all, I’m standing right next to you folding another pile; just ask me to help you. THAT’S WHY I’M THERE. In my head I’m hoping you walk out of the store and something terrible happens to you.

4. When a customer walks in 5 – 10 minutes before you close. This is the worst offense of all and I can guarantee you that every store employee wants to smash in your face. We have just started or finished perfecting the store so we can close and go home and you walk in, all entitled, and destroy everything and then most of the time not buy anything. We will remember your face and we will glare at you and hate you.

5. When customers leave clothes in the fitting room or even worse, in a ball on the floor. Someone once told me that she always leaves clothes she doesn’t want in the fitting room because she knows sales associates like it, since it gives them something to do. NO you moron, I don’t want to put all that crap back. If you work in a busy store like I do, you don’t have time to put back 20 things from every customer that goes into a fitting room. Do everyone a favor and put it back yourself. If not, at least put everything back on hangers.

6. We need to address groups of teenage girls. I hate you, I hate you, I hate you. You come into my store, take up space, mess things up, take selfies in the mirror, and make a lot of unnecessary noise. Get out, don’t come back unless you’re with your mom and her credit card.

7. When customers get mad at the employees for poorly made clothing or damaged items. Excuse me, but if you had any brain in your head, you’d stop and think well this employee did not make this garment nor did they know that it was even damaged, I probably shouldn’t yell at them for this problem. If there is a hole in a shirt or a zipper missing on a pair of pants, politely tell me so I can take care of it. Do not blame me for it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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