15 Little Reminders For When You're Feeling Depressed

15 Little Reminders For When You’re Feeling Depressed

It’s safe to say that depression sucks. I have dealt with it on and off for many years. When dealing with an episode, I find that being gentle with myself is imperative.

However, I understand that when someone is feeling low, it can be challenging to be kind to one’s self. You might even feel guilty about being depressed, which can make things worse.

Like anything in life, all we can do is take things one day at a time. Below is a short list of daily reminders for anyone dealing with depression:

Like anything in life, all we can do is take things one day at a time.

Below is a short list of daily reminders for anyone dealing with depression:

1. Some days will be easier than others, and that’s okay. 

2. You’re allowed to make yourself a priority.

3. Whatever you decide to do today is more than enough.

4. You are important.

5. Someone loves you.

6. Just because today isn’t a good day doesn’t mean tomorrow will be the same.

7. Your feelings are valid, but they are not to be confused with facts. Just because you feel worthless doesn’t mean you are worthless. You are magnificent; you just don’t feel magnificent today.

8. Healthy food is always a good idea. It really helps.

9. Celebrate the small wins. Yes, you can pat yourself on the back for showering or eating. You did a thing, which means you are winning! Don’t beat yourself up over the things you didn’t get done. Instead, lift yourself up for the things you accomplished, no matter how small.

10. The best day of your life is on its way. 

11. You are not a burden for reaching out, whether that’s to your mental health professional or a trusted loved one.

12. Think about the things or people that you are thankful for. Practicing gratitude can be an uplifting experience, even if it’s temporary.

13. You are not alone. While not everyone in your life can 100% relate to how you are feeling, you are not on your own in this fight. Even J.K. Rowling has experienced depression. By remembering that you are not alone, you can find remedies from others, or at the very least, some comfort.

14. It’s okay to experience things differently. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to depression. Everyone experiences emotions differently because no two personalities are the same.

15. Be kind to yourself; you’re doing the best you can. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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