17 People On Whether It’s ‘Unladylike’ For Girls To Swear

Patrick Humphries
Patrick Humphries

As a woman with the slight mouth of a sailor, I’ve been asked by boyfriends to cease with the blasphemy. And I asked myself, “Why?” I have never personally felt like it makes me sound less intelligent, less feminine, or less of a person. And I really just can’t seem to wrap my finger around it. So. I decided to take this one to the masses, and asked 17 20-somethings this:

“How do you feel about women cursing? Do you find it attractive or unattractive in reference to being classy or ladylike, and why?”


1. “Cool! I feel like it’s acceptable in social settings, like with your girlfriends and in private with your boyfriends. But like everywhere else? Not acceptable. And even then, I don’t think they should do it that often (say like every other word). It’s the concept of remaining classy & also I’ve always viewed it as a sign of intelligence, like you know all kinds of words that you can use to describe or emphasize the way you feel without being vulgar.”

-Noelle, 21


2. “I think a person has a right to speak how they want regardless of gender. That being said I think too much cursing can be a terrible thing. Like if there’s more curse words in the sentence than normal words, then there’s a problem. I do prefer a woman to have a little bit of a sailors tongue though. I don’t think it’s bad at all.”

-Randy, 22


3. “AND MY POINT IS, I really like to say the world Fuck. Fuck is the perfect word that applies the exact amount of enthusiasm. Like I love you more, or I fucking love you more? I mean I believe that your vocabulary and the way you speak does in fact have an impact on your overall image, but I do not think the amount that you curse does. Like, protesters use it. If you are using it correctly, with proper English…It’s fine.”

-Jessica, 21


4. “I honestly feel like it obviously all depends on the person who is judging the girl cussing to begin with. If that person grew up in a type of environment where that was acceptable for men and even women, then it will be looked at completely differently. Secondly, I PERSONALLY think that if anyone overly cusses or uses it tooooo much it makes them look stupid. Even guys. I feel that the strength in cussing is not to overuse it, but to do it at a good time to get your goddamn point across, you feel me you stupid-ass fucker? Ha, had to do it. But I don’t think it’s unattractive when a girl overuses it, I really just think she looks stupid.”

-Nick, 22


5. “I don’t think it takes away from their attractiveness but, I do find immaturity unattractive. Unless a girl is like waking up in the morning dropping bombs 24/7, its like, “Damn girl chill.” Like I swear when I joke, or around friends all of the time. Like a sailor. Or emotionally. Besides that I don’t mind, I won’t even think twice about it. You would have to really be cursing to have me be like, “Damn girl”. Even not cursing though…I despise immaturity like before summer I started talking to this girl and she said I talked white and acted white because I read…. complete turn off. That’s worse than cursing.”

-Brodrick, 21


6. “I don’t like women cursing. I think it takes away from our femininity so it makes us unattractive and makes us look trashy because we don’t have enough manners to not curse. I think women should be more level headed than to curse in public out of anger. “

-Samantha, 21


7. “In public situations or professional situations it would come off as tasteless but in a private manner it doesn’t bother me though moderation is everything. And it’s attractive in moderation because it can show a relative level of passion on the topic being discussed.”

-Gabe, 21


8. “Ladylikeness is such a tired concept. Feminists hate the idea of being perceived a certain way by people for how they talk or how perverse their language may be. You can attribute the idea of ladylikeness to the oppression of the feminist community. As for attractiveness, I don’t see why cursing should impact how someone perceives a woman, as she is a free spirit and can do whatever the hell she pleases.”

-Brandon (David), 21


9. “Well its not lady like but I feel if you are comfortable with someone then its okay to curse unless like if they don’t curse, then I hold back. Or if you’re at work or church. It depends on the situation. But if women can’t curse, then neither can men. I think its unfair how they say its okay for them to curse.”

-Alicia, 21


10. “Nothing is a appealing about both sexes cursing like sailors. I’m still trying to correct myself, words are used to express what you feel, and thus curse words were created to emphasize how strong your emotions are. Now when you repeatedly use it, it looses its value. Did I go off subject? In other words I don’t see the reasoning behind cursing all the time, its unattractive for both sexes. Its not lady like for a female nor is it gentlemen like.”

-Cristal, 25


11. “I mean I’m one for the classy girls. So yea if I were to date you and you cursed, as much as you do I would be like, Bitch stop it.”

-Mike, 21


12. “I find it attractive.”

-Luis, 23


13. “Okay well I don’t think cursing should determine whether you are lady like or not, but I know it does. It’s seen as vulgar and unladylike because of gender rules that say a woman can’t curse without being seen as classless, unladylike, ignorant, etc. Gender roles aren’t fair but they’re real in our society and I’m going to do whatever I want because I believe a woman can do or act however she wants just like a man gets to do whatever he or she wants. I’ve been reading a lot about gender roles in our society, people are less forward about it but the lines are still very clear about what is expected of you as a woman and a man.”

-Crystal, 21


14. “I feel you should act the way you want to act gender is not restricted. If a girl decided to dress like a pop tart and curse in front of small children that’s her expression. You choose the morals you live by and feel are right in your heart. And within the parameters of the law no cop, gods, or bosses can extinguish your spark or whatever it is that makes you an outcast by ‘social norms’.”

-Jake, 21


15. “I don’t think women should curse because I hold women to a higher standard versus men. Men are lazy; it’s not often to find a single dad compared to single mothers. And I don’t think men should curse in the presence of a woman, because that is someone’s mother or wife and I would want men to respect the women in my family even if they don’t know them. I don’t find it unattractive. It’s just a way of showing you have poor vocabulary and if we are close then our vocabulary skills shouldn’t matter to one another in private. I don’t know.”

-Saul, 21


16. “Yes I find it attractive when a woman of sophistication swears or cusses about as often as I do. Not saying I’m all that sophisticated but I don’t necessarily cuss unless the situation calls for it or if it will enhance the sincerity or comedy of my topic. Do I find it attractive if a woman is cussing after every word or sentence? Nope, I don’t even think that’s a quality men should have. So to fully answer your question, “do I find it attractive when women curse?” The answer is…. you’re damn right I do…as long as it’s called for, ha.”

-Daniel, 22


17. “I really don’t give a fuck. No I don’t mind if girls swear. It’s in not an issue for me. But if a girl can’t tolerate me swearing…they are sentence boosters.”

-Scott, 25

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  • http://recits.wordpress.com golpobolo

    this should not even be a question should it? if someone likes to curse, fucking go for it! if someone doesn’t, then let them, by all means, refrain from doing so. what significance does their gender play in this whole situation?

  • GoneGirl

    It’s not very “ladylike” to do a lot of things. Cussing is easy to pinpoint and since everyone loves to find some reason to judge others, this one will work!
    Personally, I find other “unladylike” things to be more offensive than swear words. Gang stalking is a lot more manly in my opinion…pair that with shaming and emotional abuse and you are downright dickheadish. I guess that’s harder to pinpoint when you claim to be a feminist. A feminist wouldn’t support that! But, it’s a nice cover for anyone who is more concerned with their reputation than their character. They hardly ever match…thank God for money. Eh, ladies.

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