You Are So Beautiful


It would be an understatement if I tell you you’re beautiful. I don’t need to do it so I won’t. But to tell you how beautiful you are is a harder task to take on. Nonetheless, I’ll still try to do so. Not to flatter you or feed your ego, but because you forget it sometimes.

You are so photogenic if cameras had hearts, they’d fall in love with you. Maybe it’s your teeth, perfectly aligned. You must’ve had a good dentist or you just loved brushing your teeth. Those set of dentures you have there clearly contributed to that smile that swayed me off my feet more than a few times. Or it must be those big black piercing eyes of yours. Because, damn girl, if you were the earth, those eyes would be the Pacific Ocean. Just let me drown in your gaze. And your nose would be a smaller Mt. Fuji. Still as beautiful as the real one but tiny enough for me to trace down the bridge with my lips ’till I get to the tip and… Stop. Right there. If I do that, I’m sure I’d get to see you make faces. Stick your tongue out, play with your eyes, hold up your nose with one hand. And none of it will make you less pretty.

There’s something about girls who read. Who find comfort in the silence of a room just sitting down with a book in hand. You, my lady, are one of those few girls who do. We may not go to the same section in a library but to find you flipping through the pages, reading passages to see if it’s worth a try, is such a heavenly scene. I’ve seen your playlist and while your choice of music is foreign to me, lyrics from those songs have this profundity, this depth, despite the faux-undeground vibe to it. We also have to note that I am a fan of your strong will to study. Maybe because I don’t have that will and I envy you or I admire you for doing still doing something even though your whole body just wants to go outside and smoke. Buy glass after glass of that cheap iced tea and waste the day away. Whatever you choose to do, none of it will make you less pretty.

I have always believed that strength is found in unlikely places and time and it is beautiful. It comes out when you need it. But for you, strength oozes out of your system every single second. It spills over the side walk you tread. It leaves a mark wherever you sit down. If strength was a star, yours will be blue. People seldom associate blue with fire but it is a fact that a blue star is hotter than a red one. Your strength will be the silent kind of flame, lighting up your soul. It’s the star that burns all the heart-wrenching memories to dust. It’s the same star that twinkles when you smile. They don’t know your story. They don’t know the zigzag roads you had to drive through to get where you are now but you never took it against them. You never want to bother anymore with whatever’s bothering you. You are for happiness, for merriment. You are one bright star in our night sky. Your strength, your shine makes you more beautiful.

Maybe it will get you someday – the bite of sadness. The sudden urge to just give up and not give a fuck about anyone or anything. Maybe it will get you in the days to come but this one thing you should know – there is beauty in the breakdown. It is okay to rest for a while. None of these will make you less pretty. And you will always have us, you will always have me. You will always have you – the strongest person you’ll ever know.

Stay strong, beautiful blue star. You are loved. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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