Love Me Because You Want To


Love me because I bring out your smile, because I make you laugh with my silliness and am unafraid to share it. Love me because I’ll eat ice cream for lunch, and choose pizza in bed with you over a fancy restaurant – every time.

Love me because I want a real, raw kind of love. Because I’ll follow on your adventures and lead you into mine. Love me in a mountain hiking, sea swimming, beers on the beach at sundown kind of way. Love me because dinner dates, roses, and theatre boxes are not the way I want to be loved.

Love me when I am sweaty and dirty from a walk in the woods and a swim in the lake. Love me when I am covered in sand from the beach and salt from the ocean. Love me when I wake you up to see the sunrise and keep you awake to watch the stars.

Love me through the hard times and share with me the highs. Love me in a real way, allow your experiences to be enhanced simply by the presence of my being.

Love me because you want to tell me every detail of your day, because you want to share every moment with me, because everything is better when I am there. Love me because you want the raw kind of love, the adventures and the dancing, the laughter and the surf.

Love me in an honest and open kind of way. Share with me your fears and your dreams, let me cull and empower them. Love me because I make you feel that you can do anything and because I will never, ever, stand in your way; I will support you through all of your triumphs and all of your challenges. Love me because I am your biggest fan.

Love me because you want to. Love me because you cannot imagine not loving me. Love me because I am all that you need.

Don’t love only half of me, don’t love only one part of me, love all of me, share everything with me. Love me because of the honesty, because of the hard times, the distances and the turmoil. Love me because of the smiles and the laughter and the happy times.

Love me because you want to, that’s all I need. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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