Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Near Death Experiences, What Happened To Me Is So Much More Upsetting

I awoke in ambulance, screaming, and batted away hands that hung over me. I was covered in sweat, pain spiking through every fiber of my body. I gasped and cried, spinning in the stretcher, the wail of a siren blaring over me.

An EMT hovered over me, eyes wide. In his hands he held the paddles of a defibrillator.

“Hey he’s back with us!” He cried to the driver, “Step on it! He’s still bleeding internally and we don’t know what else was broken in the crash! GO!”

Panting, shock rattling me, I realized I was back in my world.

And then I started to laugh, big painful heaves of braying madness. Tears rolled down my face and my body screamed in protest, but I couldn’t stop myself.

What in the hell had I just witnessed? TC mark

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Elias Witherow

Elias is a prolific author of horror fiction. His books include The Third Parent, The Black Farm, Return to the Black Farm,and The Worst Kind of Monsters.

“Growing up reading the works of King, admiring the art of Geiger, and knowing fiends like Pinhead left me as a pretty jaded horror fan today. It takes a lot to get the breath to hitch in my throat and the hair on the back of my neck to stand on end.. My fiance is quite similar, so when he eagerly begged me to let him read me a short story about The Black Farm by Elias Witherow, I knew it had to be good... And I was not dissapointed. Elias has a way of painting a picture that you can feel with all your senses and plays the tunes of terror created when our world meets one much more dark and forces you to keep turning the pages hungry for more.” —C. Houser

Death had other plans for us.

The Farm is in ruins. The Pig has vanished. Everything Nick loves hangs in the balance unless he can find a way to make things right. But at what cost?

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