This Is What It Truly Means To Be Human

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I have never felt the dance of love and the passion it brings quite like I am now. To enter the realm of being absolutely human, to love and cherish a person and to give your whole heart as the delicate object that it is, is to risk dissolution of your existence. And through all the stormy and capricious issues that flow transiently through your mind, and all the dilemmas that trickle, or even explode, out of that mind into your reality, it must be reminded that it is simply the wavelike dance of life. It is what being absolutely human means.

We attempt to exercise our day-to-day routines in a timely, and rather monotonous fashion, so as to fulfill obligations and do all the work that we have been inundated with. These are the things that are left-brained oriented. We hope that this can take our mind off all those opposing emotions, the harsh rapids that besiege our rational line of thinking. We hope that we can create the future we so desire by unfastening our emotions and that terrible sea with its sporadic storms from our being. We live life like human-less zombies. Suddenly, the soul that extends from the dance of feeling and its transitory currents, the very thing that creates beauty and life itself, and the very thing that colors life with shades of starkly contrasting mixtures, a composition within a composition, is suppressed. The world becomes bland and shallow, deaf in its auditory intake of meaning, and lifeless in the actions being executed. Routine after routine, we stumble slowly in a slumber.

There is a difference between the businessman in a suit and tie, the tightly pulled suit and the well-groomed image – a model of uniformity – and the artist, disheveled as he is, yet examining life through eyes of wonder and contorted perception, gaining constant fascination coupled with ebullience through the natural reflexes of life itself. The businessman, understanding life through the lens of transactions, giving and taking, interactions devoid of soul, maintains the glassy expression that indicates a detachment from heart, and a perception distorted into the realm of vapid interactions. Life is insipid. Being human suddenly means fueling our reptilian-based, monolithic functions. We become a robotic species.

Is humanity doomed to flourish in an environment where the heart is no longer listened to, and emotions become too erratic and exhausting to deal with? Are we to fall in love with the idea of being absolutely bottomless, profundity becoming a distant concept, along with our emotions falling into the category of being “mentally unstable”. This is already happening. And yet we see individuals who realize what the truth is. Why are we seeing the doom and gloom, heartless conducts and malicious actions being executed by our superiors, whose weakest feature is understanding one simple thing; being human. Perhaps if we truly wanted to end all the atrocities in today’s world, we can only do so by touching base with our truest self. The most human form that we possess. Babies understand this aspect, so can adults. Because we were once babies. We see these things as elementary to our evolved personas. We displace these redundant understandings and consider them “childlike”. Let’s dispose of this concept. Being human is more true and more powerful than any nuclear weapon created, than any battle won, than any historical moment made.

Let’s understand each other. Let’s live inside one another. Let us bury our crestfallen heads into the hearts and souls of others and forget distance, let that be a feeling of another time and place. Link hands, and hold the gaze and the intention that can create an atmosphere for the change we absolutely need. TC mark

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