Here’s How Moving Out Can Ultimately Bring You Closer To Your Parents


Moving out of your parents’ house is an exciting concept for many young adults. I used to dream that the first thing I would do when I left for college would be to buy a big roll of cookie dough and eat it all on my own. As an adult, I was more enticed by the thought of coming home at any hour of the night or leaving my bed unmade.

There’s so much that I didn’t appreciate when I was living with my parents. There are the minor things like the cooking and the cleaning. Then paying the bills and organizing doctor’s appointments. But the more you experience life as an adult, the more pain and anxiety from so much responsibility, the more you appreciate the finer things your parents offered. Things like emotional support whenever you needed.

My parents prepared me for life in many ways. One is learning how to be independent. I feel like I am completely self-sufficient now. I live alone, so every aspect of my life rests on my own shoulders.

I realized this a while back, that I was grateful, and voiced my thoughts to my parents. They were so happy that I appreciated all they’ve done for me. I think moving out was what I needed to find out how much my parents really did for me for all those years.

I’m more grateful for them now than I’ve ever been before and it shows in our relationship. I find myself calling up my mother or father almost daily, just to check in or for advice. I miss having them around. I miss sitting in the corner of my mom’s bed chatting about our work or family gossip and taking my dog for a walk with my dad.

Getting to this stage of my life has been pivotal in my development as a functioning adult. Become closer with my parents happened so naturally. I understand that this isn’t always people’s relationship with their parents, but for a lot of you, it is.

If you haven’t yet moved out, try to think about how different your life will be when you live on your own. Appreciate your parents now, rather than later. Your quality of life will improve tremendously with this. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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