5 Things I Want My Little Sister To Know

Roberto Nickson (@g) / Unsplash

My little sister is seventeen-years-old. I see so much of her in me. We look the same, we like the same things, and we’ve been through a lot of the same heartache. Having lived through depression and anxiety, which was very prominent in my late teens, there’s so much I try to impress upon her.

1. Your value is not based on what other people think of you. No matter how many friends you have a falling out with, no matter all the public embarrassments and setbacks you have in your life, it will not determine the worthiness of your soul. You are smart and powerful, a force to be reckoned with, and I want you to remember this the next time a friend cuts you out.

2. Trust your gut. I spent so much of my life living crazy. Out all night partying and sleeping until noon. You will experience this too. But know that there is a difference between exploring your wild side and putting yourself in dangerous situations. Don’t get in a car with someone who has been drinking, mom will always pick you up. If you ever feel like you are I a scary situation, reach out to someone you trust. Don’t try to push through it and rebel because you know what’s best for yourself.

3. Beauty is internal and external. I’ve known so many beautiful people with rotten cores. So know that no matter how stunning someone may be, they will only be truly beautiful if they have a beautiful soul. All the Kylie Cosmetics products in the world can’t fix a selfish heart.

4. Work hard. As crazy as it is, so much of your future depends on how well you do as a teenager. I know you’re a great student, so keep that up. All the late nights studying, the extracurricular activities, and extensive college applications will affect you decades into your future. So give it all you’ve got. If you fail, you will still be contenting knowing that you tried your very best.

5. I love you. As much as we may fight or disagree, I will always be here for you. The family will always be here for you. It’s true that some friends are forever, but most of them are not. The only people who will loves you unconditionally for your whole life will be your family. We’ve got your back.

If I were to know what I know now when I was your age, things would have been different. It would’ve saved myself a lot of suffering. I know you and I know that this is exactly what you need to hear. Trust me and trust yourself. I love you. TC mark

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