I Left My Heart In The Philippines

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Creative Vix

This year I spent my Christmas holidays in the tropical islands of the Philippines, I have to admit that I had the serious post holiday blues on my return to reality. This is quite a substantial statement because my reality is living in South Korea, snowboarding every weekend. Not exactly doom and gloom!

But after spending time with the locals, getting to know the nature and diving in the beautiful waters wrapped around the Filipino islands, it was a breath of fresh air.
I felt a sense of serenity and comfort while getting to know the lay of the land. Although there was outstanding beauty all around, and the slow paced atmosphere had a calming effect on me, I owe my gratitude to the underwater world.

I spent most of my time diving and the sea life and activity I was lucky enough to see was remarkable. That is where I felt at peace and through the rhythm of the water and the majestic marine life keeping me company; it was all I could do but forget about life above water. Nothing else mattered and in that moment, every moment, I felt completely euphoric. There was no place I would rather be, and couldn’t have felt any happier than how I felt seeing the beauty of the world we live in from a new perspective – as a mermaid.

Although my action-packed few days was exhausting, it was also quite therapeutic. This is why I live for adventure. You give it everything you have, emotionally and physically. It takes you for one hell of a ride and although it’s difficult and you may feel the effects for weeks after, it gives you a sense of living that nothing else compares to.

When you are immersed in nature, you are using all your senses exploring the world unhindered, and once you get that feeling, that sense of exhilarating energy and gratitude, there is no going back. You must keep pushing yourself to new extremes, exploring new perspectives and finding more beauty in the world. It’s an infinite exploration and one I will never take for granted.

My time in the Philippines refreshed my mind and helped me realize how little we need to be happy. The simplistic lifestyle of the locals, the serene marine life at their fingertips and the natural paradise untouched is what I will remember about it, and is why I can’t wait to get back. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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