All The Reasons Why I’ll Pray For You

Vil Son

I’ll pray for you because I love you. I may not have seen you yet but I will someday, and I know I will love you by then. We may meet at the corner of the street or at a grocery store, or you could maybe help me when I fall because that’s how cliché stories usually go. But, I’ll definitely see you in God’s perfect time. I’ll pray and pray until you’re finally mine because that’s how it should be- I should pray for the people I love so dearly.

I’ll pray for you because I can’t do anything but pray. I can’t kiss you yet, I can’t hug you nor can I hold your hand and all I can do is pray for you, my love. I want us to stay pure so I’ll refrain from holding your face even if it might require a lot of courage. And I know what I’d rather do- I’ll pray for you because I don’t know how I can comfort you and how I can shelter you when the people around you aren’t being true.

I’ll pray for you because I want to be faithful- faithful to my God, faithful to my promise to Him and faithful to you. I don’t want to walk astray by giving my heart away. I understand truly that it is not God’s will for me to live in misery and in pain. He doesn’t want me to cry over a guy who is not meant for me so I’ll pray for you. Ever since the day I learned that I can bring you to prayer, I gave God my word- that is to trust His timing, trust His will and trust His love. I don’t want to burden you with a broken past, hence I’ll wait and stay faithful till you come, my love.

I’ll pray for you because you might need it right now. You may be sick, you may be tired or you may be spiritually down and there’s a plethora of battle that you must endure. Do not worry, God is in control. I know the future might seem fuzzy right now. You might be suffering from a broken heart or you might be experiencing an unrequited love. Go on, cry to your heart’s content and after that leave all to God. We will meet soon and I know by then all the heartaches will seem irrelevant.

Finally, I’ll pray for you because I’m really excited. My childhood days were filled with fairy tales and wonderful stories of love. However, as I grew older, I realized that love is not as simple as it is when I was a child. The world is deceitful and it is filled with people who take love and purity for granted. They live as if each moment wouldn’t be their last. That’s why I’m excited to meet you- excited to show them that true love exists and that waiting for you was all worth it. I’m excited to see your face and to capture even your wacky poses. I’m ecstatic to hear your voice, smell your scent and say your beautiful name. Whatever your story is, I’ll hear them all because that’s how I am.

I’ll pray for you while serving God and I’ll pray with patience, with hope and with love. And when we finally meet, I’ll thank you. I’ll thank you for being the answer to my prayer but please be safe on your way to my embrace! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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