15 Guys Share What Super Slutty Things Girls Should Do If They Want Their Man To Cum Like Never Before



“Enthusiasm and confidence is the big one; you need to act like you’re just craving the D something fierce, and don’t care about much else.

In terms of what to wear, the first thing that comes to mind is a skirt or dress that’s an inch too short. Or long socks. Fuck long socks are terrific.”

— bfg24


“Don’t wear panties. Then tell him to fill you with cum before you go out.”

— I_like_tortoises


“Omg long socks make my cock throb. Also yes, skimpy clothing.

Yes enthusiasm is where it’s at. I had a girl who would greet me whenever we met up, offer a drink and then proceed to claw my pants off. It was hot and made me feel amazing that she as was cock hungry for me.”

— fallout52389


“If my girlfriend was going trying to be slutty for me, I’d much rather her wear normal or classy clothes (depending on the situation), because slutty is all about taboo and being inappropriate. So whispering in my ear that she wants to feel my cock at the back of her throat while wearing a very classy dress in a very nice restaurant is a thousand times hotter than dressing what we might call ‘traditionally slutty.'”

— Soloandthewookiee


“Have sex be her idea for once. No, hinting that you’re available does not count. Like, rip my pants off and start blowing me when I walk in the door like you’ve been poisoned and my semen is the antidote.”

— iggybdawg


“If you want to be ‘slutty’ in the bedroom, then push the boundaries of what you normally do. It’s hard to give suggestions without knowing your sex life, but trying new things is always a good idea, as long as everyone is comfortable with them.”

— Soloandthewookiee


“Try to get in character, make him believe it’s ALL your thinking about ALL the time. You’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is vitamin D!

Whispers, gropes, and “samples” at random/inappropriate times will help sell your performance.

When you actually get down to the deed, it’s time to be… a sexy Gollum, obsessed with your precious. Barring unsafe practices, nothing is off the table in your quest to fully sate him!”

— herknav


“For me, acting slutty is about being aggressive and inappropriate. Slide your hand down his pants at the table, flash him in public when nobody is looking, come back from the bathroom and hand him your underwear. But also pay attention to how he reacts, he might not like some of these. Just don’t get discouraged if he doesn’t like something and try a different tack.”

— Soloandthewookiee


“In theory, sluts like to fuck, they enjoy every moment of it and they don’t just get fucked, they fuck the guy back as well…

Be enthusiastic and act like his dick is the fountain of youth. Take control of your pleasure, and know when to be dominant and when to be a bit more submissive (submissive =/= starfish).”

— jigglywigglybooty


“My wife and I use a collar. When she wears the collar, she’s not allowed to make any decisions except that the collar is coming off. She decides when it goes on and when it comes off, but I decide what she does when it’s on. That could mean as simple as ‘make dinner and do the dishes,’ but it could also mean ‘let me fuck your face like I own it’.”

— FaxCelestis


“Swallowing the cum.”

— nginparis


“Go out for the night with no underwear on under your skirt. Remind him of this fact regularly.”

— arkofjoy


“Give him a lapdance, guys love lapdances. YouTube the how-to videos. I make sexy jokes and and just have fun. It’s not always about being serious and overtly slutty. It’s like be playful and interested in whatever they want, even if it’s strange to you. Trust me, nothing is really strange, it’s just all preferences.”

— Snotpuff


“Wear something that makes you desirable, hot and sexy, show at least 50% skin.

The slutty behavior outside of the bedroom would be even hotter, because you show how proud you are, how much you want him in public and you two can’t just have sex right now.

Show him how you like his superficial features, his body, his manliness, how you want to feel him inside you.”

— aqua995


“Go out for a nice date, a nice dinner somewhere. Wear a hot but still decent dress, makeup, heels etc. Go all out, look fucking hot. Right after you order, excuse yourself and go to the restroom. Come back and sit next to him in the booth instead of across from him where your place setting is.

Give him a kiss, drop your panties in his lap, and whisper in his ear that you can’t wait to get home so you can have his big hard cock inside of you. Tell him you’re going to be thinking about how great his cock tastes all through dinner and that you can’t wait for dessert. Then give him another quick kiss and go back to your seat and take a drink. Look over at him, bite your lip and do a slow blink.”

— kersius Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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