16 People On Why They Didn’t Marry The Person Who Gave Them The Best Sex Of Their Lives

Sophia Sinclair
Sophia Sinclair


Because she couldn’t stop giving other people the sex of their lives too.


Because she realized she’s a lesbian. Now she’s having awesome sex with another girl.


Because she married someone else.


Because while he had the body of a demigod, he was also dumb as a rock. Bless his heart.


Because the non-sexual part of the relationship was boring as hell. She had low self confidence and was “just happy to be with someone.”

At the start I didn’t realize this wasn’t a good thing because she fucked like a mad thing. Beyond that though she never gave any input on things to do, places to go, where to eat etc. Great sex, boring AF relationship.


Because she was crazy.


Because she’s an escort.


Mostly because of all the non-sex time I’d have to spend with them. Sadly marriage is usually more about “can I live the life I want if this person is here 24/7” and “can I avoid jail time if I have to be around this person every day” more than it’s about “holy shit I think we set off the neighbor’s car alarm that time”.

Obviously it’d be great if you find that all in one person, but if you marry someone solely because they’re awesome in the sack be prepared for mind-blowing orgasms and a miserable marriage. Smart money is on the person you have satisfactory sex and good chemistry with but also love being around, even if they’re not the absolute best you’ve ever had you’ll be happier and the great thing is you’ll have a lot of time to practice if you get married, and you may find after some experimentation and with the added connection of actual love that they turn into the best sex partner you’ve ever had. Either way it’s still better than fighting and resenting your spouse every second penetration isn’t happening.


Because we were incompatible in a every other way apart from sex.


Because I encouraged her to pursue her dream of a doctoral program in her field. She went off for that and I could not move with her as I am in the armed forces. We tried to have a loving LDR but her time constraints and stress levels would not allow her to give me the attention she thought I deserved. After a couple of years she broke it off. We try to remain close friends after all these years, but I still get pretty sad thinking about it and thinking of her current partner.


She was the most wild and explorative girl i ever had the pleasure of being with. She introduced me to things i never thought i would have liked.

She was also, by my own definition, clinically insane. I didnt realize this truth until 2 or 3 months in to our screw sessions.

Long story short she recorded ALL OF OUR FUCK TIMES. Sold all the videos online. Gave me a check for $2,400.


She was a rebound. Probably what made it great sex, helped get over a real love that didn’t work out.


Because he’s an alcoholic, and as it got worse he became a bad person. I loved him, truly, but that’s a sinking ship and we had no future other than addiction, abuse, and misery. Plus, that time he cheated. Nope.


Because I cheated on her and can’t make someone be tied to me if I haven’t the self control to stop it from happening again while married.


His brother was extremely addicted and dependent on meth. He tried to get clean, but the withdrawals were bad and he would beat my guy whenever he was feeling bad. He would punch him, kick him, the whole nine. He threatened his life one day when my guy threatened to force him into rehab.

Because of this, he cut contact with me completely and moved states. I haven’t spoken to him in months and I used to miss him like crazy. It was only recently that I got over him.

He was probably the best fuck I’ve ever had in my life. I always think about having sex with “my type” but I never try to pursue anything because I have horrible self confidence issues. He made me feel so good about myself and did his best to help me try to love myself.


He left me because he thought I deserved better. Yet we still have sex… Fml. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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