14 People Reveal The Difference Between Having Sex With Someone Hot And Someone Ugly

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It was pretty different. I hate to say it but the girl I had the best sex with I was secretly in love with. But I showed her to a friend and he laughed at her. She’s not ugly really. But I guess it was enough for me to try and hide it. I grew up and damn do I wish I told her how I felt.


The hotter ones were more expensive.


My dick has no eyes. Felt the same.


The most stereotypically attractive guy was very selfish, didn’t want to go down but expected lots of oral loving himself, and like, immediately started wanting anal sex from me from the moment we became intimate. Not that I’m against butt stuff but he was demanding and asshole-ish about it despite me saying I was willing to experiment but wanted to go slow as I was still relatively sexually inexperienced. After the unsatisfying sexual experiences and his bad attitude I stopped finding him attractive and dumped him.

Least attractive guy was really self-conscious and because he couldn’t relax, it made it awkward for me and I started worrying that maybe he didn’t find ME attractive or I’d done something bitchy to make him feel uncomfortable. I mean I was obviously still attracted to him but it made it vaguely unpleasant. He also would like… flinch, when I touched him or tried to cuddle which didn’t make me feel good. We’re still friends now and he expressed regret over fucking it up. I had moved on by the time we re-kindled our friendship but I am glad that was just young adult awkwardness and not because I’d inadvertently been terrible.

Besides those 2 bad experiences, I’d say pretty much all of my other ones have been pretty good. The big thing is having a partner who’s enthusiastic and willing to reciprocate, cares that you orgasm, and beyond all that for me anyway… doesn’t take sex super super seriously. It’s ok to have some more serious and passionate sessions but stuff can happen during sex. One of you might fart or your skin may make that weird noise when it rubs together or he might slam into you so hard your head hits the headboard, and being able to just laugh at that stuff and keep the other person comfortable and then get back to it is a good skill.


Not really seen much of a difference in attractiveness, but age is a huge factor. The older they are the better the lay.


My experience has found there to be zero correlation between attractiveness and sex skill. There is a strong correlation between attitude/personality and sex skill though.


20ish partners. Attractiveness didn’t have anything to do with sex drive, experience, shyness, loudness, or kinkiness. All over the map. More often the fit girls seemed more confident in themselves (walking around in undies, sleeping nude/topless) but beyond that, it was a crapshoot.


My ex who had juuuuust the right amount of curves was always enthusiatic, loud, and overall very good in bed, when we weren’t too busy arguing.

My current sexual partner is the least attractive person I’ve ever had sex with but knows exactly what I like and is always eager to please… because it’s me.


Unattractive girls try so hard. Pretty girls don’t give a fuck. I like a middle ground person or an unattractive girls effort and charm in an attractive package but I’m a whore.


Really hot women don’t even try. They are so used to everyone doing everything for them, all they have to do is ask. That’s what I have heard. However, from personal experience, I think that my right hand is a lot more experienced than my left.


I feel incredibly lucky: the most attractive person I have ever been with was also the most enthusiastic, skilled, involved, and enjoyable lover I’ve had. The least attractive lover was pretty lazy, expecting me to do all of the work. She reeked of desperation and low standards.


The by far least attractive partner I had was actually one of the best I had, because her self-consciousness about her looks gave her a “will to please”, she was dead serious about making it count. You haven’t got a true sloppy BJ until you’ve had one from someone who thinks it might as well be the last one she’s giving in this life.


Completely opposites. The less attractive girls are waay better in bed in my experience where as the attractive girls are not.


“Good at sex” tends to correlate more with experience than attractiveness. I.e., unattractive slutty girls are better in bed than attractive prude/conservative girls. But attractive girls also tend to be more experienced. So in general, more attractive girls are better at sex. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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