10 Stories Of Partners Being Driven To The Brink Of Cheating (And What Exactly Ended Up Happening)


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1. It’s a craving

I love my girlfriend, want to spend my life with her, and want her to be the mother of my children, but I constantly want to cheat on her. It has nothing to do with her (i.e. it in no way reflects my feelings towards her) but I always have that craving.

2. Not yet

I’ve never cheated on my wife, but I really want to find a sexy woman to have an ongoing FWB relationship with while still staying married to my wife. I should feel guilty for wanting this, but I don’t. What’s wrong with me?

3. In love with a woman who’s not my wife

My wife and I are separated and actually filing for divorce these next few months. Over the last year I gave our relationship absolutely everything I could to make it work but it was all in vain. She just wasn’t interested in continuing our relationship and so it crumbled to the point where I admitted defeat.

Before I met this woman (Nikki is her name) I had only slept with my wife and had a single one night stand. I met Nikki three weeks ago through a series of bizarre events and eventually met up. We live an hour apart but have gone on three dates.

I’ve honestly had more fun with Nikki than I ever had with anyone else. I have massive trust issues stemming from lots of (non-sexual) events from my childhood and growing up, so it takes me a very long time to trust and be open with someone. Not her though, within a week I was pouring my soul out to her.

And damn, it’s scary. Honestly I would be more heartbroken if Nikki left me than my wife. She knows everything about my situation and I know everything about her’s. I won’t go into a ton of detail explaining the intricacies of our relationship. But it’s pretty awesome.

We had sex the third date. It was amazing. Better than I’ve ever had. I can’t wait to see her again. And it has nothing to do with sex, I just feel so happy with her.

I miss you Nikki.

4. Ex came onto me in the hot tub

My wife and I were dating for about, oh I don’t recall.. Maybe just less than a year.

Her mom took the entire family to a vacation spot for the Holidays. My Ex-Girlfriend and I are still good friends. Heck, we’re still friends on facebook and I’ve been married for 11 years now.

One night while I was at her moms house watching her dog, I invited my ex over to the hot tub. Surprised she said yes, we where huge hockey fans and ended up watching a NHL game. Before I knew it we were both naked and my EX gave the best head. We ended up doing it but once I was done, I was like, you got to go.. haha I wish I didn’t kick her out so fast, maybe round 2/3/4.. but you know how it goes when you cum.. I’m like see ya..

What is funny, is to this day, when I go over to her house, I take a picture of her moms bed and send it to my Ex.

5. I cheat. I enjoy it.

When my bf works the night shift I usually text these other 3 straight guys I been sucking off and swallowing their cum, for at least the past 3.5 years — almost as long as my relationship with him.

They come over, throat fuck me, and cum m in my mouth and then they take-off. Knowing he works graveshift makes me the happiest, because I always know I’m going to be able to text these other guys and get some COCK. I’m hard thinking about it right now.

Sucks he doesn’t work tonight. Just the thought of having another COCK in my throat or in my ass makes me want to be alone. I don’t feel bad either. Last night this dude I been sucking since October of last year every other week texted me saying “suck my fat COCK” and I’m like I can’t he’s here. He said I really need your expert cocksucking skills bro. Fuck I wanted to hear him moan loud as I drain his nuts and my throat.

6. “I’m married and going on a date this weekend.”

Yeah, go ahead and downvote and call me an asshole. I already know the moral implications of what I’m doing, I just feel this irresistible urge to share this confession online.

I’ve been married for almost 3 years. I’m 25. I have three small children. My wife and I are essentially separated but still live together. It’s way too complex and boring to type out, so you’ll have to take my word for it. I’ve made a lot of bad decisions throughout my short life, and this is probably another to add to the list.

I met this girl, a few weeks ago. Really long story, but I got her number from a single friend because he was no longer interested in her (had only texted each other, never met) and he’s the kind of guy that ghosts people.

Anyways I thought she was very attractive so I made up a fake name and story and we talked for awhile. I never intended to go anywhere with it, it was just for fun really. But soon enough I started to really like her.

She lives an hour away so after a week of talking we met up in a park. We chatted about life and all that goes with it, and it turns out she’s also married. She claims she’s separated but still lives with her husband for various reasons.

I was never going to tell her my real name and the fact that I was married, but she was so honest and…real with me? I don’t know exactly, but I told her everything about me (truthfully) and we were both okay with it. We drove around, got coffee, and eventually kissed for awhile before we had to go our separate ways.

Four days ago she came and visited me. We just went and had fun for hours. Drove around, went geocaching, hiking, all sorts of stuff. We really had fun. We kissed a fair amount. The last ten minutes we spent together we parked and went a bit further. No clothes off, but a fair amount of touching. It was awesome.

Now in four hours I’m going to go see her again. I haven’t slept all night, I’m too anxious and excited. This time we’ll be alone at her house to watch a movie and I’m pretty sure we just might go all the way. She’s sent me plenty of nudes and provocative messages and we’re pretty open about things.

I’m actually pretty dang excited. I’ve felt trapped and depressed for so long and I know this will make me feel good for awhile. I’m sure it’ll all come crashing down soon enough though. My marriage is already coming to an end and we’re planning on getting a divorce in a few short months so perhaps this will help me cope with it all?

Sorry for the wall of text. But if you read this all the way through, thank you. I know I’m not a good person. I no longer pretend to be one. I’m on AntiDepressants but I know I have something wrong with me mentally. But yeah, I’ll still appreciate someone calling me a dick.

7. Am I cheating??

I have an amazing boyfriend and I love him. I would never cheat on him. I just love the rush I feel when I know other men want me but will never have me. I like “accidentally” letting men see down my shirt, brushing up against them, casually making suggestive motions and comments, etc.

I know I am not alone. Who else does this?

8. Met this woman at a workshop and…

I recently went away to a workshop and felt a connection with a woman helping run the meeting. After the banquet, we walked back to the hotel and decided to go hang out in the hot tub. After about an hour and a half of intimate (like no secrets) conversation, we got out and hung out on the deck for a while, at which point she put on a wrap and undressed from her bikini. A little while later we went to her room and smoked a little pot and chatted all while she was under this wrap–both of us still a little wet from the pool.

We turned most of the lights out and had a nice evening. Now I wonder if I should have just gotten physical with the risk of regret knowing how much I currently ache for her. I also feel like my wife is getting a raw deal since I can not stop thinking about this other woman.

9. I’m kinda tempted…

Recently, my co-worker’s wife admitted that she has fantasized about me. She’s been more flirty since then. She also recently told me that she and her husband are barely having “relations” and it has been driving her insane.

I’m married, but I have to admit that I’m tempted–it’s nice to have someone actively attracted to me. I realize that’s terrible, and I wouldn’t cheat on my wife, but it feels really good to have someone looking at me like that, and I fantasize about what it would be like. Just needed to get that off my chest.

10. I just cheated on my girlfriend and feel great, and terrible

I have been with my girlfriend for almost 6 years now. We’ve lived together the past 3. We’re both in our early 30s. Things are, largely, very good between us. I love her and she loves me very much. There’s issues as there are in all couples, some minor, but two very significant. The one significant issue that’s relevant to this confession is that she is a completely non-sexual person.

Through a combination of jobs that required travel, dating long distance and the general stress of launching our careers, I never realized just how severe it was. I know she’d dated plenty of guys before me, she’d never mentioned this being an issue and I didn’t dig too deeply into her past sex life.

Well, come to realize, if we never had sex again, it really wouldn’t bother her. The only thing that would bother her about it is that it’s weird to be with someone you don’t sleep with and she is extremely opposed to seeming weird. In any case, about 18 months ago, I realized it had been over six weeks since we last slept together. And that wasn’t odd. She’d shut me down so much, I finally stopped pushing because it felt so bad and I knew what the result was before I asked.

We talked at great length and she told me that this was an issue in every relationship she’d ever had and that it was the cause for breakup in many of them. Well…fuck.

So for 18 months now, we’ve worked at it. Tried to make it happen, make time for it, figure out if there’s something, anything, she wants in the bedroom. So far, not really.

And all of this on the back of an incredibly loving, close relationship. Outside of this, there’s few things that would keep me from marrying her. Nothing, really.

All of that leads up to 2 weeks ago. I was out with some friends for a birthday party and ran into an old college acquaintance. I was drunk enough to think chatting with her was a good idea. She is objectively gorgeous, 8.5/10 seems a fair evaluation and Natalie Dormer-esque bedroom eyes. One thing lead to another, she confessed she’d had a crush on me in college and still did and oh, wouldn’t you know it? Her place is 3 blocks away.

I haven’t had sex that free, that open, that joyful, that real in 6 years. It was utterly incredible. It’s exactly what I remember sex being like. Connection, fun, physical. All of that great stuff. She was energetic, dirty, just fucking spectacular. It was transcendent.

And after I left, I hurled my guts out in the alley. Not from the alcohol, I was nowhere near that drunk, but from the onset of the reality of what I’d just done.

So, that’s where I am today. It hasn’t been that weird at home because, well, the girlfriend and I haven’t kissed, touched, slept together since it happened and that is in no way odd. I feel like a piece of shit, because I am. I know that. I also know that there’s no way I can go through the next 60 years of my life knowing that great sex isn’t some idealized version of college escapades, it’s out there and it’s waiting for me.

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