16 Reasons People Who Were Friends First Have The Strongest Relationships

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1. You’ve already seen each other at your worst. They’ve seen you angry, sad, upset, or pissed off. They’ve seen you after you’ve had a few too many drinks, and they’ve seen you when you can’t hold it together. They picked you in spite of that, and you picked them in spite of their bad moments too.

2. But you’ve definitely also already seen each other at your best. You endlessly encourage each other, because you know what the other is capable of. You push each other at your jobs, in your personal relationships, and at your passions. You aren’t afraid to call them out when they do something wrong, because you’ve seen all the amazing things they’ve done right.

3. You don’t let things pent up. You know instantly when something is bothering them, and they know instantly when something is bothering you. There’s no hiding it — you know each other too well.

4. But you also know how to fight without it getting out of control. You know what things to say, and what things to not. You’ve fought as friends (probably) and don’t let the conversation end until you’ve figured out a solution.

5. You already know the most comfortable positions to cuddle in. #SquadGoals become #BaeGoals.

6. And you’re probably super close to their dog! And the dog loves you.

7. You’ve already got meeting their parents over with. Like, you totally get to skip that super awkward “hi it’s me the new bae,” conversation. They already know you, so visiting them is stress free (or as stress free as it can be haha).

8. Finding the perfect gift for their birthday and holidays is super easy. You know what stuff they like, and can go beyond just a simple piece of jewelry or gift card.

9. You just communicate more openly, and overall better. You’ve talked to each other so much it is practically automatic! You aren’t afraid to bring up issues or spark deep convos. It’s second nature!

10. Your friends probably already know both of you! Hanging out in groups is super fun and easy!

11. You aren’t afraid to be vulnerable. You can talk to your s/o super early in the relationship — about anything. You were never afraid to vent, or yell, or cry. And they were never scared away by it.

12. Your BFF doesn’t hate being the third wheel — it can actually be kinda entertaining. Where there might be tension between a new partner and the best friend, in this case, the best friend probably finds the situation tolerable, if not completely hilarious.

13. You can read each other super well. They know when you need a hug, even when you pretend to be okay. They know “fine” never is, and know EXACTLY how to cheer you up.

14. You aren’t afraid to show your weaknesses — they already know them. They know you aren’t perfect. You know they aren’t perfect. You love each other anyways.

15. They know how to surprise you in the best ways. They know how to really catch you off guard with special dates and gifts. Nothing is ever cliche or boring!

16. Your love just seems…more powerful. You were taking on the world together as friends, and now you’re doing it as significant others. Together, it seems like you can seriously do anything. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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