‘I Feel Like My Entire Body Is Vibrating’ And 4 Other Sex Stories That Are Basically As Good As Having Actual Sex


1. A romantic night at home

I feel like my entire body is vibrating, as he continues to circle my clit with his thumb, slowly sliding one finger in and out of my soaking cunt. His other hand is cupping a boob, and he pinches my nipple. Twisting and pulling it until I am whimpering. His breath is heavy on my ear, as he nuzzles my neck; nipping and sucking. I moan as his lips hit that spot along my collar-bone.

“Are you gonna come for me babe?” He slides a second finger in alongside the first, and finally allows his thumb to brush over my clit.

He slides back, letting me roll on to my back and dips his head to suck in a nipple while a hand keeps working my dripping cunt. He hooks his fingers slightly, and starts moving them in a rocking motion. His puts the fingers of his other hand against my clit and start rubbing faster. I can feel the waves of my orgasm building, and as one peaks I gasp out begging him not to stop.

My hand curves around the back of his head, while my other clutches the sheet underneath me.

I moan, my breathing shallow, as his fingers move faster, and harder. His mouth is hot on my nipple, sucking it. When he bites it pulling up and tugging hard, the waves building in me crash down. My body spasms, muscles tightening before I come hard, squirting over his fingers. And my body relaxes, my arms dropping down, as I try to remember to breathe.

2. End of the perfect date

We arrive, the house is dark. You hold my hand as I deftly guide you through the chaos. Not telling you where we are going or giving you the tour. There is no need.

The light burns slightly as the darkness gives way revealing my bedroom and most importantly my bed. I reach out, my palms flat on the wall to each side of you, trapping you. I look deeply, passionately into your eyes. The lust, the passion, easily seen in mine. I kiss you. My tongue parts your lips exploring your mouth, your tongue. Tasting you and wanting more, oh so much more.

My hands slide down your back coming to rest on your firm buttocks, lifting you. Instinctively your legs wrap around me. You gasp as you can feel my already erect cock press against you even through my jeans. All the while our lips never part.

I carry you with ease to the bed. You hold on tight kissing me as we move. I lower you down ever so softly onto the mattress. Climbing on top of you, our breathing is heavy as passion begins to take control of our bodies. My hand clumsily finds its way under your shirt, your bra. My rough fingers begin to caress the soft skin of your breast.

Your hands, like talons, claw at my back. Tearing at my shirt, clambering to remove it.

With reckless abandon, we both remove our tops. Revealing ourselves to each other before closing in again. Our embrace tight. Our skin touching. Your nipples tickled by the hair on my chest.

Breaking our embrace once more briefly, ever so briefly. To discard the remainder of our garments.

On top of you again, I kiss you with passion. I pull back to look into your eyes. The lust in my eyes blazing as my manhood begins to explore. To find your now moist pussy. Teasing it. Your mouth opens slightly as you gasp. The head of my penis spreading the lips of your vagina, preparing itself to enter. You let out a moan as you feel the stiffness, the throbbing as my member enters you, inch by inch. You bite your lip and close your eyes. You wrap your legs around me and your head tilts back as you pull me into you, further, deeper.

I bend down to kiss your neck, taste it, bite it. My back arches as my massive cock makes its way deep into your canal. Our gaze meets and our mouths open as in unison our bodies begin to join and part. Over and over again. Slowly at first but gaining momentum. My penis exploring every inch of your love.

I brace myself with my right hand as my left moves its way up to grasp the locks of your hair. You turn your head to bite my arm, to lick it, to kiss it, to taste it. My thumb makes its way into your mouth and you suckle it. Your head moving up and down with each powerful thrust.

Sweat begins to pool under us. Mine? Yours? It intermingles. You feel a swelling inside you as you also notice my cock begin to engorge. We look at each other knowing, wanting, needing. Our eyes stare into the depths of our souls as my strokes begin to slow but push further, deeper inside your body.

Our breathing becomes heavier and as one our bodies tense. The head of my penis at the very back of your canal pushing its limits, spreading it wide. The engorgement of my manhood almost too much for you to bear.

Then it happens, as we stare into each others eyes, the flood gates open. Your vagina fills with juices, mine, yours, ours. We stay there joined, your hands firmly on my buttocks pulling me into you, holding me there, keeping me there. Our gaze never falters.

3. Sometimes you only need one to have fun.

She only saw him for a second.

Walking to her car from an early Sunday afternoon shopping trip, freshly manicured and pedicured, department store bags in tow, she passed him.

He smiled.

A flash of straight pearly whites against dark surrounding scuff, just a bit, as if he hadn’t shaved in a day or two.

A trim waist hidden beneath worn Levi’s.

Muscular arms emerging from a white t-shirt.

She couldn’t see his eyes behind the sunglasses he wore but she imagined them to be bluish-grey, intense and piercing.

Dark brown hair, messy and natural, as if he just rolled out of bed- maybe not his own- and walked out the door.

She only saw him for a second and yet her body responded as if he was familiar. Her pupils dilated, her breath caught in her throat, and her pulse increased a fraction. A small flutter occurred inside her belly.

She smiled back.

Back home in her bedroom, as she tucks her new purchases away in their proper drawers, she thinks of him. Stripping herself of everything but her panties, she lies on the sheets of her unmade bed and closes her eyes.

She imagines his scruff against her skin as he kisses her throat.

His breath warming her flesh, she breaks out in goosebumps.

Her hands begin to roam as his would over her body, caressing her thighs, up her belly, and to her breasts.

Soft fingers drawing lazy circles around her nipples as they tighten and peak.



An ache building between her legs.

An easy sigh as her legs go lax and she feels the wet lace.

One finger, stroking and teasing.

Her lips part, she is panting, longing for something to taste on her tongue, but there is only air, and so she groans as her knees fall further apart and she slides a hand inside her panties.

Between slippery folds her fingers play, coaxing the swollen pearl until her hips are moving, her body is writhing and she needs to be filled.

She imagines his rigid cock stretching her as she pushes inside, ah, so warm and wet.




Oh, right there.

Needy cries echo in the room, her body responds to her fantasy lover, and while her muscles go taut her soul is fluid.




All the cracks in between.

Simple satisfaction from a stranger with a smile.

4. Two boys

We’ve been in the pub for the evening, casting furtive glances at each other constantly. No one else has noticed, but the sexual tension between the two of us has been palpable all night. As we leave, you hail a taxi in the street to take you back to the hotel you’re staying in. You look at me, and raise your eyebrows. No words need to be said. I jump in the taxi with you.

Back at the hotel, we stumble to the lift. You’re all over me, kissing me with an animalistic passion. Your stubble rasps against my lips as you devour me. I can feel your arousal pressing against mine.

We’re in the bedroom now, frantically tearing off each other’s clothes. I drop to my knees to remove your underwear, to release my prize from its hiding place. I grab hold of your throbbing dick and marvel at its hardness, its warmth. A drop of precum glistens; I dart out my tongue and lap at it. So sweet, so delicious.

I swirl my tongue around your cock head and you groan in pleasure. I’m teasing you now, taking it slowly. Licking up the length of your shaft, sucking on your balls. The torture is too much for you. “Take it!”, you growl. They’re the first words either of us have spoken since we arrived.

Placing your hand at the back of my head, you guide your dick into my mouth. I begin bobbing up and down the length of it, but you’re like a man possessed. Still with your hand holding me in place, you start fucking my mouth with a frenzy. I gag a couple of times as your dick hits the back of my throat, but you’re dominating me now and I love it.

I know you’re close, I can feel it. I look up and gaze into your eyes as your body tenses up and you shoot your seed into my willing mouth. I hold as much as I can, wanting to let you taste yourself like I just have. I stand up, and we lock lips, your fluid passing between us.

I want more. I need more. “Fuck me,” I gasp breathlessly. You grin, a wicked, sexy grin and throw me to the bed. I gasp as I feel the coolness of the lube as you apply it to my hole. And then, a finger. Probing, gently probing. I relax, and your finger slides in. And then, a second one. Twisting, turning, opening me up, getting me ready for what is to come. By the time the fourth finger is in, I’m climbing the walls, desperate, gagging for it.

Finally, finally! I feel your cock pressing against my hole. I push out, and you slide it in. I feel a slight discomfort at first as I struggle to accommodate your girth, but I feel gloriously filled in the most pleasurable way imaginable. You start slowly, long slow strokes, almost – but not quite – pulling all the way out before thrusting back in, bottoming out as I take your full length.

Each time the head of your cock passes my prostate, it grazes against it, sending shivers of pure pleasure through me. It feels so good, but I need more, need it harder. So I tell you, and you pick up the pace. In and out, back and forth. Like a jackhammer. I’m not going to last much longer now, I can feel it.

And here it comes. I’m cumming harder than I’ve cum in a long time. Rope after rope of spunk spewing out of my cock. And with each ejaculation, my sphincter contracts around your cock. The feeling is too much for you. It tips you over the edge and you reach your second climax, filling me up with your seed.

We collapse, breathless and sweating. Exhausted; utterly spent. I cannot wait for round two.


I walked in the front door after a long day at work. I was feeling down in the dumps like I usually do after work. Unlike usual, however, my wife was right there to greet me with the most passionate kiss I’ve ever felt.

We’re making out and she starts unbuttoning my pants and takes my cock out. Its only been 30 seconds and I’m rock hard already. She has a way of doing that. Our tongues dance around each others mouths as she strokes my dick. Then she whispers in my ear “get in the shower.” So I do and she follows.

After I wash myself off to make sure I’m clean, she kisses all the way down my neck, chest and stomach, hips, and finally kisses the base of my dick. I feel her breath on me. Then she glides her tongue up my shaft and then starts working in a circular motion on my head. Fuck this feels so good. Its probably been a year since she’s sucked me. She keeps up working on my head with her mouth and tongue, while she’s stroking my dick at the same time. She looks straight up at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and slightly takes my dick out of her mouth for a second, precum hanging between her lips. “I love you” I tell her. “I love you too” she tells me back right as she goes back down.

Fuck. I can’t hold on much longer.

She bobs up and down on my cock, each time going a little further down, until all 8 inches of me are in her mouth and throat. Up and down, up and down and her tongue works it’s magic. I can’t take it anymore. She’s never let me cum in her mouth in our 6 years together, which sucks but I’m somewhat ok with it. I tell her I’m going to bust. She stops and looks up at me and smiles. She said “Then I want to feel your cum hit the back of my throat.” Holy shit.

She goes back down and keeps sucking me like she’s never going to see me again. I’m done. I feel my body quiver as the first shot of cum hits her throat. She keeps sucking with such intensity and grabs my ass, pulling me toward her. I feel 2,3, 5 more waves of cum come out as it drenched her mouth and throat as she just keeps sucking harder. Once I’m completely drained, she slowly works her lips back up to my head, and sends me off with a little kiss on the tip. Then she looks straight up at me and smiles as she spits a little bit of cum out. “So how was your day today?” She asks me with just a little white spot below her lip. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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