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27 People Share Their Partner’s Kinkiest Fetish And Whether They Were Down With It Or Not

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Modified from Flickr / Lies Thru a Lens
Modified from Flickr / Lies Thru a Lens

Found on r/AskReddit

1. Hostile make out

I had a SO who liked to heavily (heavily) make out during foreplay. It was aggressive and kind of strange. Kind of turned into wtf when she licked the roof of my mouth.

That is a sensation I’ll never forget.

2. I’m ignoring you, but actually getting v. horny

My wife has a fetish (I think) for some on initiating sex with her while she’s trying to ignore them.

It’s kinda weird, she’s reading a book, but you take her pants off and she’s ready to go, but she’ll just sit there and keep on reading for as long as she can before finally giving in.

She told me once post-coitus that she was to distracted and ended up reading the same sentence 7 times before giving up.

It’s had a bit of a weird effect, in that whenever i’m horny, i’ll just go start messing with her and see if she’s into, it. Sex when you want, but initiating like that still feels a bit awkward.

3. Touching is overrated, smell is where it’s at!

She was turned on by my smell. When I picked her up at the train station she would always bearhug me and inhale my scent while her eyes rolled back from pleasure.

She also had a piece of cloth under her pillow that she regularly sniffed, that cloth was dirty as fuck and wasn’t washed in about 20 years. It was originally white but it was now a very dirty gray. Never touched that cloth, so gross.

4. Fetishes mailed via UPS

I had a long distance relationship with my ex, which was understandably difficult at times.

For my birthday, he sent me a card and told me “not to open it around other people.” I thought, how adorable, he’s shy about what he wrote in it!

Nope. That fucker put his toenail clippings and pubes in it. Then went and told me it would be “hot” if I were to put them inside of me. I laughed and said there was no way I was going to eat them.

It was a more innocent time for me.

5. Vampire sex

She liked it pretty rough and she liked to be bitten. I tried and I learned that I like rough sex too as well as biting

6. Can we get ice with that?

Once banged a Hawaiian chick who liked me to put ice cubes in her pussy while I ate her out.

7. Chest friction = huge orgasm?

This is strange just because it was different. I think it’s kind of cute in a way.

She just always wanted our chests touching in bed, always wanted her hand up my shirt rubbing my chest hair. She’d start masturbating while doing it.

I could go down on her, wear a vibrating cock ring, fuck her hard, and do a million fantasies but she always came the hardest when my chest was pressed against hers.

8. Let it rain cum!

My ex loved cum. Swallowing it, facials, Cumming inside her, on her stomach, everything. Worked out amazingly as its been my fetish for years.

The rest of the time when we weren’t having amazing sex, we were growing apart until the inevitable conclusion.

9. Tossed salad on the side

My girlfriend in university wanted to lick my asshole to see if she might be a lesbian. Call it being shy-bi-curious, I guess.

I can’t say I hated the experience. But, the whole time I’m just thinking she’s imagining I’m a woman and how this probably isn’t the best or even a reasonable facsimilie. I could have at least shaved and taken a shower. But we were in the heat of the moment.

10. Feet fetish indoctrination 

A foot fetish. I hated my feet and hated them being touched, so much so I even wore socks to bed at all times. He would ask to massage them or try to touch them and I hated it. I never got that he had a foot fetish though.

Anyway I eventually let him massage them and loved it. I loved having them touched and kissed after that. Even bitten or licked, toe sucking the works. I used them for foreplay and during sex. I love my feet now and I don’t know if I could date someone who doesn’t like feet cos it’s a massive turn on for me now.

11. Taking anal play up to the next level

My girlfriend is really into anal, but here’s the catch: she makes me pull out, and then she sucks my dick clean every 5 minutes. Also when partaking in anal sex she makes me finger her and then put my fingers in her mouth.

As for how it affects me, well I find it incredibly awkward to go to her parents house knowing that I completely violated their daughter in ways I didn’t even know were possible. But it’s alright, I’m kinda into the sex now, I was hesitant at first.

12. But, is anything as good as naval play??

I once dated a guy who had this weird fascination with my belly button. He would always be sticking his finger or his tongue in it, and once or twice kind of tried to jam his dick in it. It was kind of off-putting, but mainly just really funny.

13. Role reversal

A long term FWB wanted me to fuck him in the ass. I’m a female.

I was totally uninterested. And even a little afraid of the whole idea even though we already had some elements of BDSM in our relationship (me sort of dom, he a terrible sub). I didn’t shut him down, but told him I’d think about it. He took my non-rejection as consent and bought me a strap-on. I was still not into the idea at all when the thing was delivered to my house, but my roommate gave me some pretty great advice. She told me to do it despite my reluctance. I’d either hate it, and have given what he wanted a fair effort before shutting it down. Or I’d love it and discover something new and amazing. Regardless, at the end at least I would have a story to remember. I couldn’t argue that logic and we did it finally one night.

Holy. Fucking. Shit. That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever done. I got off on it, he got off on it, and my brain exploded. Honestly, I got a little into it before we began just seeing his reaction to seeing me in the strap-on. How could I not get turned on seeing someone want me that much. But fucking him? Was god damn magical.

I don’t need or expect it from anyone, but I would not mind being able to play like that with someone else in the future.

Tl;dr: 10/10 would peg again.

14. Cum gogurt

My first girlfriend in high school made me wear condoms when she gave me blow jobs. Not because she didn’t want cum in her mouth, but so when I did cum she could drink it like a gogurt. The worst part was that this girl was also Mormon, so when her parents found out we all had to have a “discussion” in their living room with my mom and dad. I was 15 at the time and the only lasting damage was the way I approached the parents of women I dated. If they even had an aura of sketchy, I bail.

Tl;dr — first girlfriend loved cum gogurts and afterward her Mormon mom tried to save my soul.

15. Roleplay extraordinaire

Ex was into role-playing. Like “Cop arrests hooker” and I’d have to interrogate her, handcuff her, search her, like I was looking for guns. “Doctor and patient” complete with white lab coat and stethoscope. We only did it two or three times in the six months we were together, and I couldn’t help but giggle the entire time.

16. Golden showers got a little too golden

Golden showers. I was not that down for him peeing on me but thankfully he was much more into being dominated and me peeing on him. We did that a few times before he asked me to pee in his mouth while he drank it. That was fine and we did that a few more times – I was ambivalent but he loved it.

We stopped doing it after he pushed me to do it on a day I wasn’t ready and was dehydrated. He said he didn’t care but once we did it he couldn’t deal with the concentrated taste and that ended his interest in that permanently. We moved on to other stuff but that was probably the only fetish we tried that I wasn’t sexually into at all personally.

17. Does an ‘oink’ turn you on?

Well, he wasn’t a bf, but close enough. He’d seen some French movie in which the kinky main characters dressed up as pigs (apparently not a porno??) and wanted to try that, except that only he would dress up. I went along with it (in those days I would have done anything just to dom a guy) and waited in the bedroom while he “got in character”, and then he came in on all fours in a pink spandex suit (like ballerinas wear in training) and a plastic pig’s nose on his face. Not even remotely sexy, but whatever, I could deal.

But then he started making noises…. At the first grunt/squeal a smile spread on my face but I managed to cover up my amusement at first. But he kept making those fucking hilarious noises and I just lost it. I started laughing and laughed and laughed and laughed until I was on the floor and thought I was going to suffocate.

When I finally got my wits back I realised he’d left at some point, understandably enough, and he never responded to my texts anymore. Oh well. The memory of it still makes me giggle.

18. Public vibrations

A friend of mine went out with a girl who had this really weird fetish where she’d shove a wireless bullet vibrator up her hooha and give her boyfriend the remote, then they’d go shopping and he’d try to make her lose it when she was talking to a salesman/clerk.

19. Another biting story

She actually used to nibble on my hand when we went somewhere and were holding hands. Super fucking weird, but when we broke up it was one of the things I missed the most. So I guess she turned me on to biting? O.o

20. Spit at me.

My last girlfriend and I were into almost identical things in the bedroom, the only thing she liked that i’d never considered before was that she liked it when people spat in her mouth. I did it a couple times and loved it. God I miss her.

21. Sneeze on me!

My ex-GF had a fetish for sneezes. Apparently sneezing was just one minor step from orgasm. The thing is that when she tried to make herself sneeze during sexytimes she looked like the poster-child for the word “Derp”. It ended quite quickly after my first hysterical laughter.

22. When fucking isn’t enough…

Smoking while fucking. Had to be a cigarette. Smoking a bowl didn’t do anything for her but if I was smoking a CIG while railing her she was all down for it. That and fucking in public.

Long story short I picked up smoking and I wasted a lot of gas driving around finding new places to fuck.

23. Sex with extra calcium

My ex was into lactation and nursing. Had me take pills to make my milk come in and even gave me a breast pump to encourage the flow. He’d nurse from me in the morning and in the evening. Was super weird at first but then I actually grew to enjoy it.

24. Kit-Kats in the ass

My girlfriend (I’m also a girl) is into eating chocolate out of my ass…yep, nothing shit related I always have an enema and clean my ass thoroughly before. I’m quite open to sexual experimentation but this threw me off a little at first since it was so… different I guess? I did end up doing it and we both loved it so we continued. We usually used Kit Kat or Aero since those were her favourite bars but decided to buy Oh Henrys this time and… uh… don’t.

We did the usual, she played with my ass a little bit then slid the bars one by one into me, I think we had four full size bars and eight fun size when she decided to start.

So I began to push but nothing came out… then I started bleeding, which happens sometimes but usually not in this quantity it then started to hurt, usually the bars slide out as easy as just taking a shit but this time NOTHING was coming out except for a trickle of chocolate and a lot more blood then there should be.

We both started panicking thinking what the fuck is going on! After ten minutes of hard core pushing and pain she could finally see it… a giant fucking ball of caramel and pointy peanuts. When I say giant I mean fucking huge it was the size of a fucking pineapple. It turns out all the caramel and peanuts in the bars formed this monstrosity from being shoved up and squished, I couldn’t even get it out, it was stuck.

My girlfriend had to shove her fingers into my ass and stretch it open to its limits to make this thing even move and by this point my ass was profusely bleeding because of the pointy peanuts sticking out of the ball cutting up my insides.

After half an hour we finally got it out. It was red with blood and I couldn’t even fit both hands around it. I had to sit on the toilet for a while afterward because my anus was still leaking blood everywhere. My ass hurt for days after.

tl;dr – Don’t shove caramel and peanut bars up your ass, you’ll cry.

25. Someone likes it really hard.

She likes it when I punch her, mainly in the ass area.

26. Armpit fetish

Not a girlfriend, but a girl I’ve been dating. She likes to stick her nose way up into my armpit and take big ol’ whiffs. It freaks me out a little bit and she tells me to shower, but not wash my pits… Kinda nice to think my stink doesn’t make her shrink.

27. Extreme make out sessions

Girl I was dating liked to make out with a razor blade in her mouth. Noped out. TC mark

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