8 Reasons For Single People To Wake Up And Smile

1. Coffee. Coffee is a beautiful gift from the earth, that provides us with antioxidants, caffeine and warm (or iced!) rejuvenation in the early waking hours. Never take this magical bean juice for granted. I read an article a few years ago about how our coffee consumption was putting the future in danger of not having this luxury. Be grateful for every cup of coffee that you have the joy of consuming. Try to drink your first morning cup without browsing instagram or facebook, just enjoy the taste and the warmth and be grateful that today you are healthy and today is another opportunity to be your best self.

2. Weather. Sun, rain, snow, wind, whatever the weather may be, go out and embrace it. If you think it is too cold, remember those hot summer days when sweat dripped between our breasts and we ran from one air conditioned location to another. Look for the beauty in each and every season and what it has to offer us. Rain provides that beautiful background noise, wind makes for excellent photos with our hair all over. Snow is crunchy under our shoes and makes the entire earth appear new. Sweltering heat makes running around in something close to our birthday suits socially acceptable. Find something to love about the forecast each and every day. Relish in it.

3. Self-Care. Today is about you. One of the biggest benefits of being single is being only accountable to yourself. We don’t need to check in with anyone, let them know where we are going or why we feel some sort of way. We don’t need to take someone else’s taste preferences into account when planning dinner. We can make decisions at the drop of the hat because we are our main concern today. Take yourself out to dinner today, tell yourself you look beautiful today, wear lipstick because it makes you feel sexy. Treat yo’ self.

4. We can take up all the room in the bed. Every inch of it is for us to use as we please. We can sleep spread eagle, we can sleep curled in a tiny all giving 90% of the queen sized bed to our dogs and cats. Whatever we choose, it is up to us. There is no one to play tug of war with the covers and no one to poke incessantly when they snore (unless you have a pit bull like mine who takes up more room and snores louder than any person I have ever dated). That bed is your comfy pillow lined playground, enjoy every inch of its beauty.

5. The hot water is all yours girl! No significant other to guilt us into cutting any time off of our glorious baths so they can take one. Morning or evening, we can shower at our leisure and take every last drop of hot water for our own pampering.

6. Every day is an opportunity to recreate ourselves. Though it is not impossible in long term relationships, it is much easier done when single. We can be anyone we went to be. We can try a new style, listen to new music, explore a new genre of movie, whatever we choose without having anyone question us or want to know why. We are one single being and we are becoming the best person we can be, trial and errors are widely accepted during this time. Just be safe!

7. Potential. Every single day, every single interaction is an opportunity to meet your potential soul mate. Past relationships haven’t worked out for us and that doesn’t mean that we did something wrong or that we are doomed, it just means that we have not yet met our soul mates. Every human being on this earth has a human being who thinks they are the funniest, smartest, wittiest, most wonderful person on the earth. Some of us just haven’t had the pleasure of meeting that being yet.

8. Unconditional love. No matter how beautiful or wonderful a relationship appears from the outside, romantic love or friendship love, is not unconditional love. Parents are supposed to provide unconditional love, but sometimes that simply does not pan out. Even the most perfect couples will disagree sometimes and can find them self wondering if Mr Perfect is really so perfect after all. The only person you can count on for unconditional love each and every moment of every day is yourself. We have the power to love ourselves unconditionally every moment, regardless of any outside factor. We are our biggest supporters. We are our main cheering section. We are our number one fans. We can and we should love ourselves, appreciate ourselves and make time for ourselves each day. We deserve it and those who love themselves, often finds themselves surrounded with love. Love yourself as much as my dog loves me when I get home from a long day of work. Jump for joy at the sight of you! We are all so beautiful and we do not need a single other person on this earth to make that true. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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