10 Types Of People You Become For Your Best Friend

Gossip Girl / Amazon.com
Gossip Girl / Amazon.com

1. I will always be your Blair Waldorf.

I will make our lives fabulous. I will be ruthless in my creation of our future, because I know you deserve the best. I will tear down any boy that is not sufficient for you, and I will not rest until the man who wins your heart is the one who treats you like a queen. We will always be “fiercely strong. Independent. Outspoken. Beautiful. Capable of anything… and no man should be able to take that away from [us]” (Dan Humphrey).

2. I will always be your Lo Bosworth.

I will bask in the presence of your Lauren Conrad persona. I vow to always be the life of the party when you cannot. I promise, with all my heart, to be your trusty sidekick. And I promise to always allow you to fall gracefully as I fall on my face. For us, “every day is a fashion show” (Lo Bosworth).

3. I will always be your Lorelai Gilmore.

I will always lighten the mood. I will laugh with you, joke with you, do stupid things with you. I promise for the inside jokes to be endless and the life lessons to be constant. I promise to grow up as you do, and to learn life lessons in the same manor as you, despite the different stages of life we find ourselves in. And if all else fails, we will always have a cup of coffee to vent over.

4. I will always be your Pheobe Buffay.

I will keep you on your feet. I will always get us into trouble and I will always find an adventure. I will always be absurd but I will always be loyal. I promise, with all of my heart, that we will never meet another dull moment and we will always be Friends.

5. I will always be your Patrick Swayze.

And will allow no one to put you in the corner. No one will dare write you off, no one will dare diminish your worth, and no one will dare make you feel inadequate. I vow to make sure you live up to the greatness I know is in you, and I vow to make sure every human that encounters you sees that greatness.

6. I will always be your Carrie Bradshaw.

I will navigate the mess of men with you. I will cry over the ones who were insufficient, and rejoice over the one who is finally good enough for you. We will live on the map and live out our dreams. We will fear nothing, for as strong women we will be able to overcome anything. We will be fierce, we will be intelligent, and we will be unstoppable.

7. I will always be your Audrey Hepburn.

We will be fabulous. We will be flawless. We will be graceful. I will ensure that men fall at the mercy of your charm and fail mercilessly to resist your beauty. We will love men strongly, adore friends stronger, and party incredibly hard.

8. I will always be your Queen Clarisse Renaldi.

I will always arrive in your turmoil to unleash your greatness. I will always enlighten you on the power that is inside you to be great. When you feel invisible, I will show you just how truly grand you are. I promise to be the friend that finds things inside you that you didn’t know were there and to show the world how large of a force you are capable of being.

9. I will always be your Dory.

I will bring you to where you need to be. I will guide you to greatness. I will guide you to the life you deserve. I will guide you home, to a couch and a DVD copy of Bridesmaids. And I will make you laugh as I do it. I will never leave you in the lurch, because I know there are things out there you need to find. I know I won’t always understand where you’re going, but I vow to help you get there. And despite all odds, we’ll just keep swimming.

10. I will be your Mulan.

I will be strong for you when you cannot be strong for yourself. I will fight your battles if I must. I will hurt those who hurt you and always protect your heart and your overall being. I promise to never let you down, and to never fail you in any aspect. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

Trying very hard not to be a cliche white girl. So far it isn’t working.

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