5 Things I Would Say To My Younger Self

Sliders - Third Season
Sliders – Third Season

I always catch myself wondering what I was thinking when I was a teenager. I know I’m not old now but I’m no longer that little girl who just couldn’t wait to grow up. Now I long to be a teenager again. A carefree life with no bills to pay and no real responsibility. I love my life now, don’t get me wrong, but don’t you wish sometimes you could go back and give your younger self a really good shake!

1. Stop trying to grow up so fast.

You’re a teenager. You’re too young to drink. You shouldn’t be having sex and you’re too young to act like you know everything. Stop trying to be something you are not! Enjoy the carefree days of childhood and stop thinking “oh I can’t wait to fit into adult clothes” or “I can’t wait to be old enough to go to a bar!”
Your time will come so stop trying to grow up so fast!

2. Acknowledge the little things.

Did you just see that elder couple having dinner for their 50th anniversary? No, because your face is glued to your cellphone. Put down the tiny flip phone that you keep texting your friends with an appreciate everything around you. When you grow up you will regret missing some amazing things. Slow your roll and stop to smell the flowers kiddo.

3. Spend more time with your parents.

When you’re young you don’t realize that your parents won’t be around forever. My biggest regret is putting them through all the hell that I did. Spend time with your parents. They love you more than your friends and more than any of your boyfriends and their love is unconditional. You miss curfew, they ground you and you think it’s because they hate you and want to spoil your fun, but in their minds they were up all night worrying about you and where you were and when they saw you come through that door it wasn’t anger they felt, it was relief. They grounded you so they would know where you are and that you’d be safe. Spend more time with your parents, I can’t say this enough. They won’t be around forever.

4. Go to class.

School is important! Stop skipping class and go to school like every other normal kid. (I did graduate high school but was a year later than everyone my age) if you graduated on time you could have went to your own prom. You could have gone to college sooner and you wouldn’t feel so bunny standing up on that stage with kids a year younger than you. You didn’t have to graduate a year later. You could have done it on time.

5. Love.

Stop hating everything. You hate school. You hate your parents. You hate everyone. You hate everything. Why do you hate so much? Life would be so much better if you would just love. You don’t hate school you hate the authority that comes with it and the same goes for why you “hate” your parents. You don’t hate your parents nor will. You ever hate your parents. Teenage angst is such a silly thing. Just love. That’s all you need.

I realize that some people won’t like my article and a lot would disagree with the statements I’ve said above, these are just things I would tell my teenage self. I was a rowdy teen with too much energy and a lot of angst. I think if someone had sat me down and even said these things to me I’d still do whatever I wanted regardless.

If you’re a teen, and you’re reading this, AND you can relate… Then slow your roll kiddo. You’re only young once. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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