How I Felt When I Found Out My Boyfriend’s Ex Was Texting Him

One time, I was baffled when I heard my boyfriend’s text message ringtone. We were in bed, post-sex. He was paying attention to something else, so I grabbed the opportunity to check what I heard. Text preview. It looked as if it was something a sixth grader would write to her first high school boyfriend. Lots of x’s and o’s at the very end. I read words that consisted of letters l, o, v, and e. It then immediately shook the shit out of me. Unknown number. Lucky bitch.

What a time to be alive though. He kissed me several times and began apologizing in behalf of the lady who sent him that text. He told me stories about her. He referred to her as a child, young and obsessed with him for about year ago. I asked him if he felt the same way about her, he shook his head and said no. But at first he believed for her to be a potential. A potential girlfriend that can bring out the best in him. Instead, he became almost like a guardian to an unpatched teenager with lifeless goals except for the competition on her Facebook likes and followers. After which, he asked for us to forget about what I just saw. I had several conditions to our agreement.

First, it is your duty to instill respect to our relationship. If I mean more than anything else to you, then show me what I’m in for. Second, if she’s not over you, there’s still so many things you can do about it. And lastly, expect and understand that I would still bring this up for the next couple of days and still be bothered about it. He kissed me again and repeated the words, “Sorry,” and “I love you so much, baby. Okay?”

Sometimes when someone tells you they love you, you won’t believe them at first. You end up wishing and asking for more. Like proofs, etc. I think that maybe if I weren’t the one who opened that text first, there could be a chance it would have been kept in secret from me until time permits my way of finding out about it.

Confrontation is difficult. That’s why some relationships sink because they let their secrets and thoughts pile up in a heavy ship. I believe the universe has its way of letting mine continue to sail through despite all of its storms.

We’re all different. Some of us come in extra large or maybe zit-free. There are those who regard themselves as to what they show up on social media. Posey, holding one’s chin, the other hand by the ass, looking at the ground for a minimum of ten seconds within the shot. With green pastured backgrounds accompanied by lyrics turned into captions that are very irrelevant. I’m not saying I’m better than that. Not even to the lady who insisted herself on my boyfriend. I think we all stand to a point wherein we just got to respect one another. She could have been the one for him today, but it probably just didn’t work out. Some people are filled with histories with another, I don’t care. Regardless how many or how little our differences maybe, we all need to move forward somehow and show respect to each of it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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