How To Fall In Love With Your Solitude

How To Fall In Love With Your Solitude

Go ahead, span your metaphorical wings into a land of holy. When the sun sets, become lost. When the moon arises, reveal your inner storms. And when the poison you desire slithers in, fly so far away you fall in love with your solitude.

Find comfort in your skin, don’t paint fairy tales among the toxic traits another human being throws at you. The words of another human being can kill. Our poison isn’t always a human. My question is, why do we crave poison the minute that something reveals its dangers?

Dictate your life towards contentedness. Sing to the top of your lungs while driving alone, followed by unexpected Target runs. Your poison will creep its way back into your life from time to time. Whatever happens, do not let it be your crucifixion. It will do whatever it can to dominate you. You are a warrior, keep that in mind.

Become your savior in this so-called narrative. Fall so profoundly in love with being alone you forget the taste of your poison. Admire the innocence the sound of your name holds. Take pride in the meaning of it.

Acknowledge the sound of your silence and take pride in the fact that you are a lone wolf in search of a full moon. Stop filling the voids of your broken heart with toxic mechanisms. Love yourself for the sake of your confidence – acknowledge solitude is consistent. Runaway and begin a new life in an indie town that consists of photogenic murals. Fall in love with your eyes and how they dance when they meet the moonlight.

I am not against romance; I’m against romanticizing unhealthy coping mechanisms. Fall in love with the pattern of your battle wounds because you’re a warrior and the world admires your bravery. Read a good book and rewrite your life in a narrative where you have a happy ending. When you feel alone, do not summon the poison that murdered you countless of times. Summon your strengths, recollect and release all the memories you lock inside your cage and build confidence from it.

There will be days when you won’t love your solitude. There will be days when your scars will remind you of how much you need the poison to live. When the moon offers its luminescence, deteriorate your wish for poison and learn how to shine in the dark. Stare at the mirror and tell yourself that you love the idea of being alone. Carry a smile that destroys toxic environments and captures society’s attention. Engage in your social interactions. Create a community with those who have a hard time loving themselves. Discover the cure for a broken heart and start your career. Abandoned the introverted igloo you live in and travel the country.

Accept that not everyone who messes up is poison. Make someone fall in the depths of your love. Allow them to know the meaning behind your name and how much value it holds. Sweep them off their feet and take them to the land of forbidden flowers because they are to be admired by you. Let them be the storm that will release your true colors among the depths of your sorrows that you are afraid of revealing. Forgive them for the wrong they will do, but do not let them become your poison. Discover the depths of their sea that no one has swum yet. Carry their heart with pride and privilege. But fall half in love with them. Do not let them consume you. Do not allow them to become poison. You are in control of your own life.

Fade away from your own life and go to bed on time. Live in a loop of your sorrows for a long time. Replay the seasons in your head and admire the same tree you have seen age over time. Become terrified of your poison, fear it the way you fear death.

Become the flower that blooms during the storm, not the one that burns. Your poison will try to lead you to dark places where the light no longer shines. Be strong. Remember that falling in love with your solitude is a process.

Span your metaphorical wings into the land of holy. Let the sun set you on fire. Let the moon release your dangerous storms. But do not crave your poison. You have wings, so fly so far away that you become the flower that will bloom and not the one that will burn. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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