This Is Why You Need To Stop Apologizing For Being Who You Truly Are

This Is Why You Need To Stop Apologizing For Being Who You Truly Are
Taya Iv

I am a person who is sitting in loneliness, made up of insecurities and failures. I am a person of the unspoken words and emotions. I am the person who is always neglected. The person who is always in the option, but never been in the priority.

I am the person who is thirsty for attention, but also the person who is not begging. I am the person who knows my worth, but still feel worthless. I am the person who always wants to receive back all the love I have been giving in the universe. I am the beauty that is always trampled in the floor just like a nonsense paper people will never want to waste time with.

I am the dried leaves on the yard. After I contributed to something, I will just find that people will just walk by. I am not best in everything. All I can to do is to be my best, but being my best self is not enough in this world to be appreciated.

I know that I just exist in this world for nothing, and people are so harsh that they are silently slapping it on my face.

So I want to say sorry for being alone. I am sorry for having insecurities. I’m sorry for my failures. I am sorry because it is my fault and I am neglected. I’m sorry for only being an option, but never been your priority. I am sorry for always hoping for your luxurious time because I’ve been thirsty for your attention. I am sorry for being worthless for you. I am sorry if I am not the beauty that you are looking for. I am sorry for being so used up. I am sorry if my best self is not enough for you.

I’m sorry for all of my shortcomings to fit in this world.

But this time, it is not all about you, your standards, and my imperfections. It is all about me walking away and not just changing the standards, but breaking them.

It is the real power, revolting to the people who keep saying you what you must be. Walking down the street and being myself while not listening to the world and their hateful and hurtful words is the most liberating act I can do.

I hope I could make more human beings like me realize this. I hope I can also impart to them the realizations that I have right now.

Being a real and flawed individual is way better than to be the person the world wants you to be. In the process of pleasing the people of this world, you are losing yourself, you are killing your own identity, and you are tarnishing your own shine.

Remember that the world doesn’t like you to be yourself because when you realize who you really are, you will know that you are more than them, that you are more than the words and insult they throw at you. You will realize that you are the long lost star of this universe and this world is keeping you below the ground because they don’t want you to know what your real purpose in this universe is.

So, darling, stop and do not be ever sorry for being yourself. Do not ever be sorry because it is hard for you to fit in. Do not be sorry for having your own uniqueness instead embrace it with all your heart.

Do not be ever sorry for just the world to love you. Love yourself and they will see and learn how to love you because you hold your own version of how to live your life.

Trash their ways and own your life. You are beautiful and enough just being yourself. Believe in yourself. Believe in the star that you are. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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