7 Ways A Father Can Strengthen His Relationship With His Daughter

I’ll always remember what my Papa always told me — “You are the apple of my eye.” Sadly, I won’t be able to hear it from him again because he’s already in heaven. I feel so loved and special because of those meaningful words from my Papa. Likewise, I know how my daughter feels towards her father — she knows that whatever happens, she will always be the apple of the eye of her daddy.

Now here’s a fact: Girls are twice as likely to stay in school and study hard if their fathers are involved in their lives.

This is how important the role of the father in every child’s life.

Remember, the father-daughter relationship is one of the most important aspects in every girl’s life.

Thus, if you are a responsible father and wants a long-lasting relationship with your daughter/s as they grow up to become a lady, you should know there are certain things you can do in order to strengthen your relationship with your princess/es.


1. Love and respect her Mom

All the while your daughter/s loves you being their father, they consider their mother as their ultimate role model. Aside from taking care of your wife, showing your daughter that you love and respect their mom will certainly help your daughter to even love and respect you more.

If your daughter sees that you belittle their mom, you are only causing a big gap between you and your daughter. Take note of this quote by Theodore Hesburgh: “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.”

2. Make and keep your promises

Whenever you make a promise to your daughter like taking her to school the next day, buying her favorite toy, or just about anything you promise, always make sure that you know how to keep them. If you mess up and didn’t do what your promise, then expect you’ll be in a big trouble.

Sure enough it’s very easy to make a promise, but most of the time it’s not easy to keep them. That shouldn’t be the case with your daughter because the best way you can build trust with her and become trustworthy is by making and definitely keeping your promises.

3. Learn to listen a lot to what your daughter says

Because of your busy schedule at work or other activities, you probably don’t spend enough time talking to your daughter. That’s why whenever you are home or have the chance, give some time for chit chats with your princess.

Asking her how her day was at school, or what she had for snacks and lunch will let her know you do care about her. If you’re not that aware, your daughter loves to talk about almost anything and you should eagerly listen to what she’s saying by staying focus. If you are able to talk everyday sharing stories with each other including simple secrets, then you two can build trust from each other. Just remember not to violate the trust or it can ruin your relationship and hurt each others feeling.

4. Take her on dates and make time for fun

Sure enough, your wife will understand if you ask some time bonding with your daughter alone. Taking your daughter for a special day together at least once a month is such a great way so you two can stay bonded with each other. There are actually so many fun and entertaining things you both can enjoy which will build fun memories and create a big impact in your lives. If you are able to do this even with your busy schedule, your daughter will without cherish every moment you have with her all through her life.

5. Surprise your daughter by writing short notes and letters

Your daughter will surely be surprised and feel so loved if she finds sweet and encouraging notes from her father placed on her study table, bag, notebook, or lunch box. You don’t have to do this every single day (but if you can, it would be awesome).

Just take some of your precious time writing your daughter short notes and letters telling her how much you love her and how proud you are of her. Any sweet words coming from you will definitely mean a lot to your daughter and make her day positive and just happy.

6. Always tell her that she’s beautiful in your eyes

Although it may seem a little bit melodramatic for some, telling your daughter how beautiful she is will make a big effect in her life. Just remember to explain to her the importance of being beautiful not only outside but more importantly inside. Also, make compliments whenever possible to put a smile on your daughter’s face and brighten her day.

7.  Know who your daughter’s friends are

Your daughter’s set of friends or BFF’s are among the important part of her life because they are the people whom she gets along and talk to most of the time especially at school. At some point, there are certain things your daughter will not tell you or her mother, only to her friends. Therefore, it’s important that in some ways you personally know your daughter’s friends.

If you’re able to keep these thing in mind, you can certainly create a loving and secure relationship with your daughter. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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