10 Classically Attractive Things About Guys


This actually took me some time to compose. To be honest, I think the whole pop-culture thing about having a ‘criteria’ for your ‘ideal’ man/woman or whether he/she is a 5 or a 10 to be pure nonsense, but here I am doing the same thing I saw on television shows growing up.

1. Funny boys

Before anyone says this is unfair, I think everyone has a funny streak somewhere in them. If you’ve laughed at least once in you life, you have proven your appreciation of humor. When you become comfortable around another person, you allow yourself to become funnier. It doesn’t matter whether someone dwells in sarcastic humor, light humor, silly humor, clumsy humor, etc. as long as I laugh, I will like you to some degree.

3. Eye contact

Oh the amount of guys that I have met who did a weird thing with their eyes they thought was attractive. They were so, so wrong. I hope perhaps one day someone would explain to these young men about a certain moment when eye contact is so important. I like guys who will use their eyes for the right reasons, at the right moments. Successfully not making every conversation into a creepy staring contest. They who can read the situation for what it is can charm any stiff girl into their bed sheets.

3. Acceptance

I like guys who are eager to learn. Whether sexual or platonic, there’s nothing more I hate than a guy who thinks he’s above it all. The men who deserve your time are those who respect the inner workings of your mind, those who will want to hear what you have to say. So leave those who ignore what you say when they don’t agree far behind.

4. Guys who read

I like guys who read. I really, really, really like it when I see someone with a book casually resting near them. Or men in possession of bookcases with wonderful titles that I have/have never seen before. I especially like a guy who’s favorite books are not limited to 1984, Catcher in the Rye and Into the Wild. While these three exude brilliance, there is this place called a library where there are hundreds more novels that you can also try to read or talk to me about (that weren’t on your high school booklist three years ago)?!!

5. Spontaneity

By this I don’t mean swinging me across buildings on fire escapes like Spider Man (this fucking happened), transforming us into your twisted vision of superheroes (it was terrible). Instead, guys who surprise me with calls me at five am on a Sunday in the spring to be outside in fifteen minutes. I like it when he picks me up in his car and takes me to watch the sunrise. (But please only do this if you have known this person or quite some time and you trust them). ((Please don’t be stupid and drive off with someone you just met)) (((this is NOT a Julia Roberts/Anne Hathaway movie, please))).

6. A special way of doing things

… that only belongs to you. For instance, a guy who has to pull/push their hair out of his face every five minutes because its too long, or a guy who crosses his legs in a feminine way, a guy who always wears a blue hat, a guy who only uses yellow pencils. I like guys who do casual things seriously and guys who do serious things casually. Because why not?

7. Shoes

I like guys who wear nice shoes. I don’t know, it’s weird.

8. Interest

Guys who are into art, or music, or science, or collecting stamps, whatever they want to do, as long as they do it with a furious, glorious passion. It’s incredibly attractive when a guy, to be honest both the genders — actually anyone at all, has an exhuberating sureness about the things they are genuinely interested in.

9. Confidence

I like guys who do not hide behind their friends, their parents, their teachers, whatever, whomever. Please don’t wait for your bros to have your back. Hold your own back.

10. Body Language/Kissing

I’m sure everyone has their own preferences, and its universally accepted to say that guys who kiss well, who have rhythm, are wondrous in their own way. It’s wonderful when a guy is creative. And so, with body language, how a guy walks determines a lot. But through all the walks a guy can have, the type that shows he does not take himself too seriously, but has confidence in his own existence in one form or another, is perhaps the most attractive. TC Mark

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