Never Forget The Power Of Your Sixth Sense

Fineas Anton / Unsplash

We’ve all been taught that we have five senses: see, touch, hear, taste and smell. However, there is a sixth sense – our feelings. And I’m not talking about situational feelings. You know, the emotions you feel depending on what’s happening to you. If good things are happening, you typically feel happy and if bad things are happening you may feel angry or frustrated. No, I’m not talking about those feelings.

I’m speaking of your instinctive feelings that can also be known as your intuition.

This is the feeling you instantly get upon meeting someone and may wonder why you don’t like this person. Or you meet someone, and you feel as though you’ve known them forever. For many years, this sense has been called the sixth sense and has been treated as though it is separate of the five senses, as if it is an abnormal sense. Therefore, many of us don’t have a proper understanding of this sense and are unaware of how to fully utilize it. This sense is just as normal and the most powerful of all senses. Our sixth sense should have been taught to us along with the other five. The fact of the matter is we do not have five senses; we have six and we are using all six of them every day but because the “sixth” sense (which in my opinion should actually be called the first sense) we think we’re only using five and that the sixth sense only creeps in sparingly or is used by “special” people.

I am not surprised that our sixth sense got swept under the rug and made to seem inferior to the other five. If we were taught about our instinctive feeling nature we would be less easily controlled by the “powers that be” of this world. We would be able to trust ourselves more and be more in tune with the supreme power that governs this entire universe. Unfortunately, this is a concept that many will have to learn and re-discover on their own because they sure as hell don’t teach it in school. However, fortunately with all the access we now have to so much information, we can acquire this knowledge again and continue to pass it down to future generations.

The great thing about truth is that it can never truly be hidden. No matter how much people may try to disguise it by putting it under certain labels as mythology, coincidences, folk tales, pseudoscience, evil, etc. No matter how many people may try to dispose of ancient texts, re-word it through religious texts, and all the other not so clever ways of attempting to get rid of it. The truth shall always reveal itself.

We’ve been trained not to trust in our sixth sense and to rely only on our five physical senses because unlike the latter, the sixth sense is non-physical. It is just a feeling. So, because the physical manifestation or evidence of this feeling usually doesn’t come until later down the line, we just brush it off. We think we’re crazy because we have no physical proof, so this means we have nothing to go off of. But we do – the feeling. The feeling is enough although we’ve been taught otherwise.

In all actuality the feeling is physical proof because you can feel it in your body; this goes both ways for both good and bad feelings. Usually when you hear of someone speaking about intuition or intuitive feelings they speak as though it only works when something bad is about to happen, but it also works when something good is about to happen. You may have a really good feeling about trying out a vegan restaurant even though you’re not vegan, only to go there and realize you love the food and are now interested in going vegan. And just like that your intuition/instinctive feeling just led you to a healthier eating lifestyle and you feel better than ever.

Think about how much further in life many of us would be and how many situations we could’ve prevented had we just listened to our sixth sense. But we question and second guess ourselves so much because we weren’t taught otherwise. We weren’t taught to trust our instinctive feelings and to follow more of the guidance of others rather than the guidance coming directly from us. I hope this article sheds light on this subject and inspire many people to begin to truly awaken, re-connect and nurture their sixth sense again. TC mark

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