How To Become The Master Of Your Own Life

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It is our birthright to be the powerful Master of our life. This is the core reason why we are on this planet. Once I realized this, life became more fun and enjoyable for me. I absolutely love the idea that I get to create whatever I want in my life and that the only rules I have to follow are the rules that I make for myself. I am now aware that we are all mini universe’s creating our own worlds; and with that awareness comes the freedom that there is not one set way of living for all and that even if the masses of the world is living a particular way doesn’t mean I have to. Below are four steps that I found fundamental to realizing that I am the Master of my reality.

1. Know that you are the Master of your life.

I know, I know it sounds rhetorical. But this really is the first step. How else does one become the Master of their own life if you do not yet know you are the Master. This is the start of your blueprint. Seriously, right now claim out loud that you are the Master of your own life. Here’s what it does to your psyche. It now makes it aware that you are creating everything in your life. You now have to take full accountability for every thought you think, every word you speak, every emotion you feel and every action you take. On a deeper level, this means you have now taken the responsibility of being your own god and your own devil. Now before you go getting all freaked out, I’m not speaking from a religious standpoint. The essence of a god is someone or something that creates good and the essence of a devil is someone or something that creates bad. You are now the creator of it all.

2. Intentionally direct your energy.

You’ve probably heard that your emotions are just energy in motion; but so are your thoughts, words, and actions. Everything you think, speak, feel and do is energy in motion; for we all are energetic beings. This being said, you must become super aware of your dominant thoughts, feelings, and words. These will actually drive any action steps you take. You must now think, feel and speak with purpose. Whatever you think, speak or feel (with feeling being the most powerful) is the direction in which your energy is flowing. Not only are you an energetic being — you are also a magnetic being living in a magnetic universe. So, in whichever direction your energy is flowing shall be what you also attract back to you. For instance, if your dominant energy is flowing in doubt, you may attract back opportunities that tend to fall through for you. In fact, this leads me to point three.

3. Know that you live in an opposing universe.

For every side of something, there lies it’s opposite; up and down, light and dark, male and female, hot and cold, and so forth. What this means is that whatever you are directing your energy towards, you may inadvertently attract it’s opposite. So, let’s say you are directing your energy towards getting a book deal; the opposite of that would be getting your book rejected. Typically, when this happens we think we’re doing something wrong, or that maybe the book is crap. Neither is the case. This is the importance of knowing the Law of Opposites. This actually works in your favor because in this knowing you can maintain your faith and keep your energy directed towards that which you are creating in your life, with the understanding that this is just part of the process. But what usually happens is we take that rejection we received and let it shift our energy i.e., thoughts and feelings towards doubt and insecurity, thus, causing us to continue to create more of the same.

4. Stay plugged into your vision.

Focus is the key here….intense focus….tunnel vision. Too many times people are easily swayed and distracted by what’s going on around them. We are quick to buy into other people’s experience which in turn affects our vibration, or how we direct and focus our energy. There are so many stimuli around us that it is quite easy and habitual to take in what’s going on around you which leads to your vision becoming clouded. You are no longer looking through your own lenses; but through the lenses of other people. By doing this, you take on the experience of another and their beliefs surrounding a particular thing and apply it as your own. You must enter a space where your vision is your highest priority and nothing that no one else does or says has more power over your vision than you do. Nothing or no one should be able to cause you to question, doubt or deny your vision. Being the Master of your reality means rejecting any premise that differs from that which you are focused upon creating; even if the whole world is against it. This is where your power resides and will flourish beyond your wildest imagination.

Give yourself 30 days of applying these methods. Repetition is always the key for any change. Live, eat and breathe these four steps. Embody them until you feel your powerful force oozing out of you from all points. I guarantee you will feel invigorated, free and enthusiastic about all of life. TC mark

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