A New Perspective On Timing

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Time doesn’t exist. Time is an illusion. We’ve probably heard either of these sayings at one time or another in our lives; especially now when “New Age” information is on the rise. But time has to be real, right? We have tons of watches and clocks that reveal time to us. And try telling that to your job when you show up three hours late….yeah, you can expect a call to the office.

What I think we all can agree on is time is relative….thanks, Einstein! While time can seem to be dragging to one person, it may appear to be passing super-fast to another. If time was truly concrete, wouldn’t we all feel time passing at the same rate? This has to mean that to some degree we contribute to how we individually experience time.

The truth is linear time only exist to us humans. It is a man-made construct, as about 99% of the things we experience in this world is. True time is alignment. Alignment with what? Alignment with our inner source/higher self/soul. With this awareness, you’ll better understand your power to manifest things quicker and create what many may call “miracles” in your life. On the flip side, you’ll also understand how years can pass and you’re still stuck in the same place.

Time never was when man was not.” —  Noble Drew Ali

Time does not exist in the higher realms. Time is not more omnipotent than the universe, yet we let it dictate our lives as though it is. Not realizing that in essence, we are the creator of our own time. We have the power to speed up or slow down time. We do this be communing with that higher aspect of our self that transcends time itself.

Time to us means numbers, days, months, years. Time to the universe means focus, energy, and attention. When it comes to accomplishing a specific goal in your life, take linear time out of the equation. Focusing solely on the end result as though you have it now will draw it to you much faster.

Linear time is a limitation. Some people may say or think it may take 30 days, 60 days or however long to accomplish or attract something. I get it, you’re being “realistic” and you may actually be right….or you could be wrong. It could be done much sooner….or later. Therefore, it’s best to eliminate time altogether. Direct all of your attention and energy towards you having it now….not 30 days from now.

Be sure to add feeling to your alignment as well. Feeling is your most powerful force. So, don’t just think about it, feel it as though you have it now. Your feelings are your major powerhouse to speeding up or slowing down your time. Everyone has their own timeline. Do not look to another to see how far ahead or behind they are, focus on your own time.

Time will expand for you. A couple years ago I was working full-time, going to school part-time, a single parent of two children, my son was in basketball, and a co-worker and I had started a support group turned business venture. Needless to say, my days were pretty full. One day my coworker and I went to meet with a business consultant and I had shared with him what a typical day for me consisted of. His question to me was “Where do you find the time?” I simply answered, I don’t know it just seems to be there, somehow I get it all done. It was something I would even ask myself at the end of my day.

Had I known then what I know now, my answer would’ve been I am creating my time. The universe had expanded time for me to fit all the extra-curricular activities I had going on. Most people will completely write something off or put it on hold because they “do not have the time” not knowing time can collapse or expand. I’m not saying you should jam pack your schedule with things to do; however, what I am saying is that this too may be another limitation that’s holding you back from achieving that which you truly desire.

As I said before, you are the creator of your own time. So, if you keep linear time in your vibration than the universe has no choice but to obey it. But if you take time out, the Universe just may surprise you and serve it up outside of the timeline you gave yourself.

Linear time has its rightful place in our world. It keeps us on time with our appointments and keep things regulated down here. It’s not necessarily a bad creation. However, it has blinded us from the highest truth — that we are not slaves to time and that we can “hack” it at will, so to speak. TC mark


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