15 Inspiring Things You Need To Remember



Accept every defeat that happens in your life. We cannot win every single battle; we have to lose for us to grow. Losing doesn’t mean we are weak; it means we have something to learn more about. It gives us the opportunity to reassess ourselves and to give space for our improvement. Remember, there’s learning in every lost battle. It’s okay to fail, but you have to fail forward.


Never trust your secrets with any random person. Choose the people who will surround you. They can affect your journey in the long run. Remember, it’s everyone’s right to choose who will be part of their life. Pick the people who share the same interests and radiate the positivity that you have. Be with people who encourage you to become the best version of yourself.


Cry, but it should be for the right reasons. Don’t dwell too much on your past. Be grateful for what you have and be ready for what you will have. Close any doors that will hinder you from moving forward. It’s okay to cry because it can help you to become new and feel better. Cry because you lost a part of you, not because of you’re hoping that piece or person will come back. There’s a difference.


Never wait for the perfect time and opportunity. It will never come; you have to create it. Doubts hinder us from growing and reaching our goals. Never let it ruin your mind. When you doubt, you lose the moment to become better. Never make an excuse. One thing you should do to be successful is to execute your dreams. You have to work it out with hustle. Commitment and consistency are critical to your success. Remember, you have enough time to achieve your goals, use it efficiently.


Your life will depend on the decisions you will make. Everything is under your control. Who you are right now and where you are in your life was a result of your decision in the past. If you want to become successful, you have to decide, stand up, and take over the steering wheel. Stop making excuses. No one will push you harder than you can do to yourself. Work hard and make it happen. Execute your dreams, and the results will amaze you. Start with deciding on something great today that your future self will thank you for.


If you stop stalking your ex on social media and caring about that bad relationship, you’ll get over the break up sooner than you thought.


Switch your worrying into worship. He wants you to surrender all of your doubts and believe in Him with all of your heart. Never let anything break your faith. Pray in the midst of the storm. Remember this: He took away those things because it’s the only way He could reach you and tell you that you should stop and put everything aside. You weren’t doing enough; He had to teach you. You were wounded and hurt; He had to heal you. Everything He takes isn’t a mistake, but it’s a part of a rebuilding process, for you to be stronger than you were before. It is for your betterment. You always have a purpose. You were never worthless in His eyes. Your life is far from done. Have faith.


Love is all about discovering the best version of yourself, together, with a significant other. It’s not about changing yourself to someone that they want you to be. It’s about accepting every little flaw, loving one’s weaknesses and bringing the greatest form, being the best half. That’s love.


Everyone needs to learn how to respect people’s time. Just because you know they can wait for you doesn’t mean you should be late. In every aspect, being late is disrespectful. You must treat other people’s time as you want yours to be treated.


Never be satisfied in life. Because when you do, it will encourage you to stop from learning and from there, you won’t be hungry for success anymore. Make every day as productive as it can. Seize every opportunity and squeeze every idea. Never stop from learning and experiencing new things. Feed your soul with positivity. Condition your mind. And when you get tired, it’s okay to take a rest, but never stop from achieving your goals in life.


Procrastination doesn’t exist; we just don’t give importance to time.


Don’t let social media ruin your self-esteem. Just because you don’t look like someone you think is attractive, doesn’t means you aren’t. Likes don’t define beauty. Don’t base your self-worth on how much likes you get from your picture. You don’t need validation from anyone because you are beautiful. Remember, flaws make us unique and beautiful in our ways. Be confident in who you are.


Learn how to detach yourself. There will always be toxic people that will surround you, whether in school or work. You have to create distance to these people even if you’re working with them. Create borders around yourself so negativity can’t get into your head. Keep yourself whole and empowered. Never allow and encourage negativity to influence your life.


Never forget the people who taught you great things in life. Always look back and have time to appreciate them. For they are a part of you and your story. Without these people, you’ll never be the person who you are right now. They helped you to build your confidence; they inspired you to believe in yourself. So as much as you can, continue appreciating them for all of their contribution to your positive life. Never forget the people who were there when you felt you lost everything. They were blessings in your life; keep them with you. Walk with them.


If you are having a bad day, remember this day will pass. Sometimes, things needed to be bad before they can be good. Breathe and accept the lessons of your mistakes. Life is about taking risks and learning from it. Look forward. You have so many best days ahead of you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

E.J. Cenita is a writer from the Philippines. He is the founder of the writing family, The Procast.

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