10 Reminders For Every Girl Just Starting To Fall In Love

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1. Shake it off.

Don’t be so nervous if he’s around. We know you can’t handle all the emotions, but keep it cool. Keep your head away from the clouds. Don’t let him notice that you like him so much because most of the people will take it as an advantage. Don’t try to make him fall for you just because you have fallen for him first – let it happen naturally.

2. Don’t get lost in his eyes.

We know he’s in your wildest dreams and you picture you two together. But don’t let it show in your eyes as he talks to you; be a great pretender. Act normal. Don’t get lost.

3. Stay strong.

We know he makes you a little crazy with his actions. But don’t let the wind take you where it wants to go. Be sturdy enough; learn how and when to say no. Know him through his soul, not through his smiles.

4. Don’t play his games.

Let him enter your magical world and start a crazy, yet wonderful journey with you. Let him explore the places he has never been before. Don’t be lost in his actions, everyone is great at the beginning. Play the game more intelligently.

5. Make him feel enchanted with the idea of you.

Start a fire that will burn every idea of love in his mind. Give yourself an assurance that every time the wind blows that he will rekindle the fire and continue lighting up your sky. Don’t let him be the source of life in your world, just make him a part of it. Life has no assurances, so buckle up. It could save you from crashing.

6. Be the screenwriter of your story.

Pretend this is a movie. Control and write everything. Don’t let emotions slip through. Let him fall for your details. Create a fictional world where he won’t get tired, he won’t die, and he won’t want to run from the labyrinth of your thoughts. End the movie with a kiss.

7. Never believe in a fairy tale love story where perfection exists.

It will not always end in a relationship or happy endings. You can show affection to him, but give yourself a space to reassess everything. Maybe you’re just assuming things. Maybe he’s just another picture to burn.

8. Be fearless.

If you feel confused because of the way he treats you, have the courage to ask him directly what you are to his life. Remember, you will never know the right answers unless it comes out of him. Clarify things because it might fill a blank space.

9. Try to keep your composure if he falls, too.

If he confesses everything in front of you, directly into your eyes, try your best to keep your composure. Breathe. Now that you know the feelings are mutual, you have to decide. It’s either you will make the moment more meaningful and speak now or you will still check if he’s serious enough. Regardless of what decision you will make, you are the lucky one.

10. Don’t be scared to begin again.

If he was just playing and dumps you after everything that happened, don’t be scared to start over. Never think it’s a sad, beautiful tragedy. Yes, it will hurt, but remember everything happens for a reason. Maybe he’s a lesson you must learn and an experience you must feel. Always look at the brighter side. Acceptance is better than revenge. Don’t be afraid to fall in love again and let the sparks fly. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

E.J. Cenita is a writer from the Philippines. He is the founder of the writing family, The Procast.

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