To My Best Friend – Thank You For Loving Me Unconditionally

Asaf R
Asaf R

Thank you for spending long hours talking with me. For staying up late with me every time that I need someone to listen to my endless stories. Even if it’s 3 in the morning, you wouldn’t hesitate to pick up the phone and listen to my drama about things that makes me worry and sad. Whether it’s about someone who ruins my life or brightens up my day, you are there to listen.

Thank you for giving advice even if sometimes, I don’t listen to it at all; you keep on telling the same advice over and over again and let it sink into my head. For lending your shoulders for me to cry on, for reaching my hands and tapping me on my back when I doubt myself and pushing me so hard to realize that in this life, I don’t need other people just to become happy and contented.

Thank you for sharing me your smile.

Thank you for being crazy and weird as hell like me. Talking about a lot of random things in life as if there’s no tomorrow. Singing, playing, making funny faces, joking around and laughing all day long; spending the entire night looking at the bright sky with a couple of beers beside, and we end up naming and owning stars as if they are ours.

Thank you for sharing your wardrobe with me even if most of the times they seem don’t fit. For being my fashion analyst that always criticizing me when I’m matching colors and style.

Thank you for staying by my side through the good and bad times, for being my love doctor and clown at the same time. Thank you for pacifying me when I’m angry and for making me laugh when I’m not in the mood. Thank you for being my human alarm clock. You wake and feed my soul with goodness.

Thank you for being the best travel buddy. For pushing me to explore the places that I never thought I could ever visit in my entire life, for experiencing every single thing that life has to offer; for tasting different kinds of food with me for the first time, meeting different people and embracing their culture, eating and enjoying as if it’s our last day on earth. Thank you for taking memorable pictures wherever we go and whenever we have each other. Thank you for making those travels worth while. Thank you for leading me to the path where I could discover and find myself.

Thank you for appreciating my existence.

Thank you for sharing a page of your life and for trusting me to write on it entirely. I never thought I’d be this important as I am right now in someone’s life. Thank you for making every page of my book worth reading and meaningful. You filled everything with a burst of incomparable happiness and details. Thank you for laughing with my jokes, for removing the awkwardness between us and even the distance.

Thank you for sharing the rain with me.

Thank you for being the best gift I ever received in my entire life. I didn’t expect you will come into my life and make me feel these things and to make things feel new and exciting again. Thank you for having the courage to shake and break the walls around me. I had trust issues before, but you shattered the seal. You proved that you are different from them. Your presence brought indescribable feelings, rays of sunshine and a new light to my path. You made me one step closer to Jesus Christ, you became an instrument for me to know Him more, strengthen my faith and cleanse my spiritual soul. It feels like I’m a complete and a different person because of you. Thank you for being my home and for loving me unconditionally despite of my flaws. Thank you for staying. Thank you for this wondrous and memorable experience.

And now, you are slowly turning into someone I have always wanted.

Thank you. I’m so glad that I met you in this journey.

I’m blessed to have you and love you.

I adore you.

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E.J. Cenita is a writer from the Philippines. He is the founder of the writing family, The Procast.

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