One Of These Days, There Will Be No Distance Between Us

Helga Weber
Helga Weber

One of these days, there will be no more pain. We will no longer use technology in order to survive one more lonely day apart. One of us will no longer stay up late and sacrifice just to talk to the other… One of us will no longer fight drowsiness just to be with each other and feel each other’s presence.

We will no longer wake up in the morning with misery in our hearts and sleep at night still missing each other even though we talked all night long.

We will no longer feel this kind of torment that kills us every day. We will no longer cry just because we want to be with each other. We will no longer wish every time that one day, we could feel the real warmth hug and kisses, see each other face-to-face, feel each other’s skin and feel the true meaning of love physically.

One of these days, there will be no more daydreaming. We will no longer spend hours on daydreaming about us. No more imaginary situations, no more make-believe thoughts, no more illusive and fanciful moments that we would like to do the most and no more wish I could be with you and wish you were here.

We will no longer look beyond the horizon at night and dreaming that we are together, sprawling on the roof, arguing about connecting the stars and even naming constellations. We will no longer waste time indulging ourselves in things that we are wishing to happen soon.

One of these days, there will be no more doubt. No more what ifs, no more second thoughts, no more faith and trust appraisals, no more insecurities and no more uncertainties.

We will no longer hesitate on each other’s faith just because we are not together or even disbelieving. We will no longer sleep at night having misconceptions in our minds, thinking of things that we shouldn’t be.

One of these days, there will be no more distance.

No more pain, no more daydreaming, no more doubts, no more hindrances, no more separations, no more wishing, no more hoping, no more midnight-cryin, no more virtual world.

There will be us.

Living in a real and limitless world, having each other at the closest distance that we could ever be and can feel the immeasurable love that once been separated by distance, but now are free. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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