He Showed Me Who He Was, And I Promised To Always Stay

frank mckenna

He told me his story; he told me about his dad. It did not make him look weak, but strong — it made me see his strength for standing on his own. I smiled through his tale, for I know he is strong enough.

He told me his story, their story; he told me how she made him feel worthless and so little. It did not make me pity him, but adored — I saw his efforts and willingness. I did not worry through his words for I know he has let go.

He told me his story; he told me how he endured everything on his own.

This time, I saw his fragile heart — I saw how he has been picking up after himself every single time someone would shatter him.

So I picked him up, and stood beside him. I gave him the smiles she withheld from him, the acknowledgements he deserved, and appreciated him as he is. I offered him the love she should have given him, handed him a key to a place we called his home.

He is strong enough, strong enough to stand still while I have not found him, yet. He has let go of everything and everyone that has hurt him. He was all by himself facing this cruel world when I stumbled upon him; he was holding his armor up and proud, careful of another whip the fate might inflict on him. I peeked through an opening, and fell immediately through his soul’s door — his eyes. Which made me question, “How was someone wanted to get out of this trap?” Every time he would lock his gaze on me, I would feel euphoric, like a butterfly in my own garden — in my own forest.

I looked at him and our eyes met, his worries vanished as he saw me handing him my own shield, telling him I do not wish to be a villain in his story, but a companion, a partner. He let me in and we became inseparable.

I cannot fathom how it was hard for others to hold on to something as rare as him, but I thank them, for now I have him solely to myself. I will give him not just a world, but a whole galaxy. I will give him not just a spark, but endless fireworks. I will give him not just a place to stay in, but a home. I will give him not just memories, but an entire life. I will give him not just what she lacked, but everything and more. I will give him everything he deserves.

We will make new chapters in his book, and mine, too. We would fill them with smiles, laughs, even tears, and raging voices. But we would make sure to amend at every final sentence, at every end of our days. I will not ask him to peel off pages where she could be found, because I would make sure he would not need to turn his pages back to where she was.

I will hold his hand through this journey we do not plan to end, regardless how rocky it would be.

I will do my best to reach and kiss his forehead every time he would need a reminder how precious he is to me. I will reassure him every day how much he is appreciated and cherished. I know he does not need any of these anymore, but I do not need any reason to give him what are rightful to be given to him in the first place. I would give back the love he has given to the world.

We would build our own fortress where there are no rules to follow on how he should do things he wanted to be done, or what he should do, or whenever he should do it; and I would do what a queen does in a game of chess, everything to protect her king. I will kiss his sorrows away. I will hug away his tiredness. I will shower him with affection. I will give him bliss.

I will give him what he truly deserves. I will make him feel what he is worth of. I will give him, not just a part, but my whole self and soul. I will show him, and everyone, how he should be taken care of.

And I will choose to be with him, no matter what, and hold his hand. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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