Our Love Is Greater Than Any Distance

Christopher Sardegna
Christopher Sardegna

Love is a strong word
They say it conquers all,
even the world
Is it true?
How can you prove?
What if you’re in a situation that you’re both in different location?
Miles and miles away
Would you still love her in the same way?
Would you still care?
Or will you just let your feelings to spare?

Being in a long distance relationship is hard
Though it won’t hurt to send card;
you can also send sweets, like chocolates and tarts
There are ways to show your love
And it will be easy if you’re sincere with what you have

Things would be smoother and worry-free,
if you’d stick with your pinky promises
Things would go in your way,
because if you love her you’ll make a way
There’s nothing hard for the person you’re committed to,
except the fact that you can’t feel her beside you
You’d miss her once in a while,
but there are ways you can see her smile
There’ll be things you would argue about,
and you can’t just keep yourself from that out.

If you don’t want to lose the relationship,
find that one person who’d be worth it to keep
All you have to do is to be true,
so even if she’s far,
she’ll still love and value you
Give her your loyalty and she’ll love you faithfully
Give her honesty and she’ll love you unconditionally
Be committed to your partner
In that way, you won’t lose her.

Trust is the most important ingredient to-be-in in a relationship
Especially for long distance relationship
They say, “You can love the person you TRUST
But you can’t trust the person you love.”
Whatever gossips you may hear,
ask your partner if it is real
Your relationship is between you and her
Not you and your peers

Tell her the truth
No matter how hard it will be
You should stay real
Keep things clear
It’s always better to make someone cry
with the truth than to make someone smile with a lie

Being far from the person that makes your day can drive you insane
But it will be all worth it when you stare in her eyes again
Hear her voice once more
Hold her in your arms just like before
If your love is greater than the distance that seperates you,
there’s nothing to worry about instead look at this as a way to strengthen you two Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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