This Will Be Our Happy Ending

Andrew Itaga
Andrew Itaga

I will probably be up as early as 5:00 AM when it comes, or maybe 4:00 AM, or I may not sleep at all. People will start to fill in the room I am staying in. My mom will definitely be the first to approach and ask me how am I doing – I’ll be fine, don’t worry.

My make-up artist will be on time, because as you know by now, I can’t do my own contour. I’ll ask her to tide-up my hair, or curl it? Which one do you want better? I don’t have an idea what’s going on in your room, you know the tradition. Everyone’s crying! It’s freaking me out! It’s overwhelming, these tears of joy everyone’s shedding.

You’ll be on the end of the aisle I am walking on with our favorite love song on the background – can we have “Wonderwall” by Oasis, please? Or “Runaway” by The Corrs? Or “I Do (Cherish You)” by Mark Wills? Or your pick? You definitely know by this time how much of a crybaby I am, it’s safe to say I’ll start crying halfway towards you.

As I reach your hand, I hope those tears in your eyes are not meaning any regret, I hope they are there because you are as happy as I am. I can see myself hugging you tight, darling, while you are whispering thank you.

We will exchange our written vows, respond with our “I do’s”, put our rings to one another. Guests will cry witnessing how genuine our love will be.

We will have a great party after the ceremony, I want everyone to go home with smiles on their faces, and I want everyone to feel how selfless our love for each other feels like.

But that is not our happy ending, for that will only be our exciting beginning to our journey towards our happy ending.

Days, months, years after, we will travel through different roads. We will get lost in the way once or twice; our path will be smooth most of the days, rough as much as it can be some days, it will be cold or even icy, but we will travel through it together. There may be times we won’t travel hand by hand, but I know we will be together through it. And we will stay together.

Our struggles, our achievements, and our every ordinary days will be the great story we will share with our big family one day. They will learn lessons from what we had, they will want the love we have, they will crave for the care we provide, they will never leave home looking for attention from anybody else other than the people they have at home.

Our happy ending will be us sitting on our porch – I want a hammock in that place, by the way – I am probably sipping from my tea while you have a coffee or beer in your hand.

We will be talking every random things that had happened in our lives, our fairytale. How we met in the library, or probably some place downtown — oh, how you struggled to be noticed! We will laugh about how I broke the only pair of flip flops I brought when we went out of town. I dream to travel the world with you, darling.

We will talk all about this under the same roof we shared with our children – every four corners that were, and still are filled with every one of us. We will be together until our skin gets wrinkled, until every single strands of our hair turn gray – please don’t let that stop us from having our share of ice cream every Thursday night.

Now this, my love, this will be our happy ending. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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