Stop Waiting To Be Chosen, Go Ahead And Choose Yourself

Andre Hunter
Andre Hunter

You were so used being an option to someone; you were so used looking for answers that are not given to you; you are so used being under appreciated. Wait, and you’ll see, he will come. Someone who will finally sweep you off of your feet, someone who will write your name on every moist window – of cars, or lobby, of his private rooms while you doodle his at the back of your each and every notebook, maybe even books.

Stop torturing yourself; stop looking for what’s not coming; stop begging for someone’s attention. Someday somehow you have to grow up – face the world independently, solve your problem the way they should be handled. Having a partner in life is not a necessity. “I can’t live without you,” and “I’d die if I lose you,” are sure nice phrases you want to hear once in a while, but trust me when I say you are stronger when you are by yourself.

You must live your life, and enjoy every second of it every day, without waiting, especially without looking for a partner.

Unexpected love stories are the best kind of stories to spill. Who knows tomorrow you might bump into him first thing in the morning at your usual coffee shop? Who knows you were working with him all along? Or maybe she’s working for you? How about he’s the one you have been stalking on the social media for the past years? You don’t have to force love for it to be amazing.

It will come when it knows that you are ready. Physically, emotionally, it will be a nice bonus if even financially, because once it comes waving right at you, you’ll notice everyone needs to criticize, to say something about they know nothing about.

So start living your days filled with happiness, don’t bother looking for things that aren’t yet to come. Share smiles with strangers, hug every person you know that you are about to meet for the day, improve yourself, be busy with your work, enjoy your friends’ company, have a life, and stop waiting. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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