Sometimes, You Just Have To Love Yourself

Seth Doyle
Seth Doyle

I think what everyone is asking for in this inconstant and inconsistent world is assurance; to be sure in something somehow, to be sure about someone, to know for sure that someone will fall and rise with them.

Some, if not most, people are choosing to stay with people who keep on lying to their faces, partners who keep on hurting them physically and emotionally. It’s not like they don’t have a choice, believe me, they do, but they fear for the surprises after the change that they are about to make. The saying, “change is the only permanent thing in the world,” is yes, cliché, but most definitely what this world is all about. There is no assurance that they will be okay if they decided to let go of the things that are continuously hurting them.

We all crave for the love we give; we all thirst for the attention we offer; we all want someone to take care of us, someone who’ll handle our fragile souls with care. We all want someone who’ll look at us the way Brad Pitt looks Angelina Jolie, even if we don’t have the natural lips she has. We all want someone who’ll be sure about us, no doubts, no lies, and no second thoughts.

We all want a Bonnie to our Clyde, a Romeo to our Juliet; we all want someone who’ll stay and stick with us through good and bad times. We all are praying for someone who’ll fight for the love they feel for us. We all want to be safe. Because after all, who wants to feel pain?

But you see, the only people capable of giving us assurance are ourselves. You cannot expect something from someone and then get hurt when he did not do what it was you thought he would do for you. We are living in an era where there are only two types of people in the world: foolish, and trickster. Whatever angle you please to see it, one will use one for his own good. But you cannot complain if you ever get hurt, it was your choice, it was your decision, it was all you.

In this world, we need to stand for ourselves, we need to assure ourselves, we need to be our own kind of the knight in shining armor we all are waiting for. We need to be the damsel in distress for ourselves. For some people will always value their selves more than they value anyone else.

We all crave for a selfless type of love, we all want someone to stay, to accept, and to love the beast within us. We need to be that person to give that kind of love to ourselves. People are afraid to get hurt, so they will hurt you first before you can even touch them.

But see, nobody is capable of giving you the assurance you are looking for in this inconsistent world, for it will only be you who can protect yourself, it will only be you who can choose who to trust, who to hold promises on to. You cannot blame someone for the emotional feel you are going through, you chose to trust him, to expect, to assume. You have the same amount of responsibility of putting yourself in your position with the person you are accusing of such doing.

So stand up, be brave, and be your own knight in shining armor to save your damsel self in distress. Go slay your own dragons. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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