Finding Closure In The Silence

Closure is different for everyone.

Some find closure through the passage of time. They trudge through each day, their head constantly fixated on a spot on the floor until they’re finally ready to look up and see what life has to offer. They see that everything and everyone has changed in some way, and when they look in the mirror, they see someone different. They no longer see eyes filled with longing and sadness, but eyes that exude strength and hope.

Some find closure through the promise of tomorrow. After the break up and goodbyes are said, they look at the options in front of them and move forward without looking back. They’re in pain, yes, but they carry that pain with them until it becomes nothing more than an afterthought, a piece of their past self that they’re now ready to leave behind.

Then there are those endings that happen in silence. No goodbyes, no explanations—the other person just disappears without a trace, leaving nothing behind but the memories that the two of you once shared. And now you’re left to navigate the silence, wondering where it all went wrong. I believe these are how many relationships end, with one person suddenly leaving and the other left to pick up the pieces.

At the end of the day, these half endings hurt much more than we’d like to admit. We dive deep into our own heads pulling up reason after reason why the other person left. We pick apart our personality, deface the reflection we see in the mirror, and ultimately believe what has been said over and over again: that we’re not worth it. The silence is indicative of that; we were not worth the time or the effort to receive a proper goodbye.

We crave for that last goodbye, for a final conversation to wrap everything up, for that 10 minute dialogue that ends with both of us walking away in tears. But the truth is that our lives are nowhere close to a romantic comedy or a page in a storybook waiting to be turned. Life is forever moving and does not stop for anyone. No director cuts, no page breaks, just a constant flow of relationships and memories that we will never be able to duplicate ever again.

But there is a ray of hope, a light that constantly shines in the dark overcast shadows of silence. But I can’t tell you how to find it or where to look. Its location is different for everyone, including you. You might end up searching for weeks, even months before you finally come across the closure that you’ve been desperately looking for.

But I can tell you that you will get the closure you need, even in the depths of silence. You will rediscover parts of yourself, and although they might be wilted or broken, they will still exude a timeless beauty that can only come from your soul. You will find a tiny flame fiercely burning inside of you, pushing you to new extremes and new highs until the whole world knows just how strong you are. In the silence there is a resilient hope that desires to be felt and heard by you.

Closure is different for everyone. Some find it in time, some find it in the promise of tomorrow, some find it cloaked in silence. But one day you will find it, and one day you will be okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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